Friday, April 2, 2010

From Lonegan to Labate: Sean Hannity "Shame on you"

History repeats itself or at least Sean Hannity has.... So maybe it's time for another PROTEST like this one held in support of Steve Lonegan on May 26, 2009.





Flash forward to March 2010 and Stephen Labate, a staunch conservative, with strong Tea Party support who was the front-runner for the Republican nomination for Congress in New York's 2nd Congressional District.

Stephen Labate

But, Hannity decided to promote his friend, John Gomez, as the ideal candidate (even though Hannity admits he didn't know who was running before getting involved.) Thanks a heap, Sean. Due to your 'ignorance' the 2nd District has been forced into a needless primary.

snapshot 1

Video of 2009 protest:

Slide show of 2009 protest :

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Anonymous said...

Please support the grass roots (low budget) campaign to elect Lt Col Steve to Congress. We need to defeat Congressman Steve Israel who has marched in lock step with this administration’s radical agenda. Steve Labate is a true patriot who will work to stop this communist takeover of our country. American’s need to wake up and realize that the enemy within is destroying our country. Lt Col Labate has served in the military for 18 years and has served his country in Iraq. He has been an active member of the Conservative Society for Action, who helped elect the first tea party candidate, Dean Murray.

Unfortunately, the Republicans on Long Island seem ready to throw their support behind a RINO, John Gomez, with a famous friend. Mr Gomez only recently registered as a Republican and has no chance of beating Congressman Steve Israel. In addition, his recent conversion to the Republican Party makes him ineligible to run in a primary. The RINOs on Long Island are usurping the rights of we the people in Congressional District 2 to vote for the candidate of our choice. Steve Labate’s campaign has raised more money from far more donors than John Gomez. Supporting candidates like Mr Gomez is exactly why these liberal, radicals keep getting elected in New York.

If you are on facebook, I created a page entitled Dump Steve Israel. Please join and invite your friends. We need to get the widest exposure possible amongst the “little guy” because we can not match the special interest money going to support Steve Israel. We need your financial support, no matter how small, to show the RINOs that Steve Labate is the true man of the people. Thanks in advance for your support.

See more at my