Monday, January 11, 2010

Times Square and the Weatherproofed Narcissist in Chief

Obama "says" he doesn't want this GIANT sized billboard of The One staring down at America in TIMES Square...

P1050179 dp

yeah,yeahyeah...and we've got some swamp land for you to buy...

P1050157 dp 2

if you believe him....

(thanks to Urban Infidel for the final picture via Williamsburg/Brooklyn)

Meanwhile lots and lots of tourists are taking lots of pictures of the "Big Zero" 'cause they are sure are slow 'bout takin' that stuff down..

P1050165 dp

and finally, how could we pass up an "adoring" slide-show of "The One"!

There's even more.... Check out The People's Cube

They are so-o-o on top of this.

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