Thursday, January 21, 2010

(New) Coptic Christians Protest at UN and Egyptian Consulate (Part 2)

The Coptic Christian Community gathered in front of the UN and the Egyptian Consulate from Noon to 4 PM on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. They gathered to protest the genocide of their people; a genocide that continues unabated in Egypt as the America... ignores their cries. (two videos are now posted here)

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This is Part 2, as the protest walks to 47th St (to the park by the UN). The peaceful rally was too large...thousands! Too large for the police to manage at the Egyptian Consulate.

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Arriving at the 47th street. There's still an hour more for the protest.

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Obama, your help is needed! Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace. Islam murders the Coptic Christians. WHY? Because they're Christians...

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The rally spread from one end of the park to the the other:

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Before protest ended, there were pictures in remembrance of those Christians murdered on Christmas Day

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America should be outraged.

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President Obama, why don't you demand an end to the genocide of the Coptic Christians?

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The day before was January 18, Obama and America remembered Martin Luther King and his dream. Don't the Coptics have a right to the same dream?

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The slide show of more pictures:

Part 1 is here:

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