Monday, January 4, 2010

Gaza "Freedom" Marchers from Cairo to NYC (1-04-10)

Calling themselves "freedom" fighters, the anarchists who went from Cairo back to NYC, headed straight for the Israeli Consulate so they could continue spreading their Jew-Hatred on the side-walks of New York....

DSCN1751 dp

Lots of NYC police for what was a pathetically small showing...

DSCN1708 dp

(Guess you can't pay an anarchist enough to stand in the bitter cold)

DSCN1730 dp

DSCN1739 dp

The police allowed these Jew-haters to march from from one intersection to another with their signs (working both sides of 2nd Avenue)

DSCN1720 dp

DSCN1722 dp

Looks like favoritism to anyone who's tried to march in support of Israel at this same location. Penned up and held hostage to one location (but not the Gaza-bunch)

DSCN1752 dp

Wonder who ya gotta know to gain access to the public sidewalks.

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Atlas Shrugs has more details on these international nazis:

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