Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(New) Coptic Christians Protest at UN and Egyptian Consulate (Part 1)

The Coptic Christian Community gathered in front of the UN and the Egyptian Consulate from Noon to 4 PM on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. They gathered to protest the genocide of their people,the Coptic Christians; a genocide that continues unabated in Egypt. The world...America... ignores their cries.

(videos are now posted here)

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There were thousands who filled the streets, too many for the barricades, so eventually the police asked the protesters to walk to 47th street. There was a very peaceful procession. A very impressive protest.

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Can you hear them now!!

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The Christian Copts need our help.

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Their churches are burned. Their homes terrorized. Their daughters kidnapped and raped by The Muslims of Egypt.

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And if not murdered, they are forced to convert to Islam never to see their families again.

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It is time for America, for President Obama to demand that that President Mubarak end this genocide.

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Where is the American press? Where is the UN? Again...Where is our President?

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Bowing to the Muslim world and ignoring the cries of these people begging to be allowed to live without fear. To worship as Christians without fear.

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Our media relishes covering anti-Israel and anti-American rallies and ignores the desperate pleas of the Copts.

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This is an outrage.

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Listening to the genuine heart-wrenching and desperate pleas of the Coptics there is no comparison to the studied and practiced anti-Israel and anti-American rallies that the press seems to love.

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Dispassionate and arrogant are the rallies that demand the creation of a 'peaceful palestine' but are instead demanding the destruction of Israel. Anti-American to the core. Which is so NOT the case of the Coptic Christians.

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Frustrating that such ignorance is the trump card that allows this Coptic genocide to continue with no world wide up-roar.

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When it comes to saving the Coptics of Egypt, what happened to the mantra of the Left... we are all one-world...we are all global-citizens.

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It is time to stop the murder of Christians. Save the Coptic Christians. Stop the genocide!

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The slide show for Part 1:

Part 2 is here

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