Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 15- Marxists & their Tools Occupy Wall Street

October 1, 2011 Day 15 of the "occupation" by Marxist thugs and their useful idiots.

Insane, how I can't get caught up. Decided to post these slide shows before they become really OLD news. Haven't written my actual blog post yet but here's my October 1st pics and the video I made of the DRUMS DRUMS DRUMS etc.

Sorry for posting just the slide-shows. Hope you can enjoy them. I'll post individual pics once I get Day 20 posted

BTW- The drums in the video go for about 7 minutes. I found it kind of interesting  for many different reasons, but skip ahead to the March if you need to get out of the drum-mania.

Part 1 begins around noon. I walked  around and thru Zuccotti many times. What's most apparent in these signs is the purpose behind their actions, the destruction of the American Republic by anarchy and the forced implementation of their Socialist/Marxist dogma on our Democratic Republic.

And the DRUMS! Droning on and on (made a sort of short video of this) This harassment of the people who live around the park is criminal, yet Mayor Bloomberg has allowed the idiots and thugs to create a Marxist Shanty-Town, even though it flies in the face of all sanitary and safe conditions. The conditions alone should be reason enough to  scrape this squatters village off the map. Pictures I took on the 20th will show even more of their Little Village

 The bureaucracy of the Collective grows in many silly ways yet the hypocrisy of their actions sails right over their little dead-heads. They smile and dance and sing (and paint their little signs); they meditate and occasionally, of course, they riot. Happy, Happy little anarchists.

Part 2

The side-show continues of the signs. Lots of signs. While the tourists stare and the anarchists prepare to March at about 3 PM

Part 3

Some pics are just before the anarchists start their march, supposedly to the First Precinct. but as they prepare to leave the park, Charlie Rangel appears to cheer them on. He was there very briefly. I heard he was heckled by someone angry at the Government ( ya think?)so Charlie wasn't there long at all.

And the sour, hateful "Grandmas' for Peace/Against War,  they too appear at this point to LEAD the March.  Apparently this was confusing to the new-bees who are mixed-in with the hardcore Marxists. Read later they wanted to know who were these people (like the 'Grandmas") that showed up for the photo-ops of the March

Took a  few shots of the streets towards City Hall. This is the day they caused a riot on the Brooklyn Bridge. Instead of going to the 1st Precinct they faked out the police and turned on to the bridge.  turned away towards the Bridge on their own ( the Police did not send them over the bridge). These Useful Idiots/ useful Tools naively walked right in to the planned chaos on the bridge...lead there by the Marxists  who  LOVE to claim they are  'victims' of the police.

BTW- When I caught a few pictures of the march, it was the very end  (the stragglers)  going on to the bridge. No one was being harassed by the police. The police seemed real laid back and the traffic was not blocked coming in to the city. Obviously the group causing the turmoil is not visible from my position.

NEXT will be a post on how the Shanty Town Collective has grown just 5 days later....That post will be of Thursday, October 6 - Day 20

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