Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 20-Marxists & Their Tools Occupy Wall Street

October 6, 2011. Day 20 of the "Occupation" of Wall Street.

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Slide-show  of Day 20.( Part 1)


 Zuccotti's Shanty Town continues to grow but now there is tape, lots and lots of tape on the ground marking off territory. The Collective must have had some issues over "What's yours is mine"...

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Also, the  "Collective" still has no sanitation facilities. I noticed bins of toilet paper but I still wonder,  other than the flower beds and gutters, where might they be relieving themselves? The place smells so perhaps that's the answer....

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The kitchen area has grown with donated food.... Lots and lots of peanut butter...

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The Media area includes places to charge their cell phones. And power for the computers so MONEY must be of no concern for these unwashed 'patriots'

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No shortage of computers and cellphones....

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The Peoples Library is actually quite large but there must have been some kind of territory-issue since it is now surrounded by so much tape it looks like shark's teeth.

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There are boxes and boxes of free clothes and loads of sleeping bags and ...the people....

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But not all of the messages are "peace and love"...

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 Slide Show Day 20 (Part 2)


The Union thugs are now apart of the "occupation' . Even have a planning committee with their own table.

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Suppose they meet with the new General Assembly?

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And, of course, the signs. The messages are all over the map( which can be better appreciated in the slide shows)

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DSCN7493 copy

But,  the '"Collective' and their General Assembly don't intend to be a band-aide for these dupes. Just read their signs.

 DSCN7494 copy

DSCN7523 copy

Their goal is to destroy our Constitution, followed by chaos and anarchy. Music to their ears because  these are Socialists, Marxists who Hate America.

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Even the vile Guy Fawkes anarchists made sure to convey their heartfelt sentiments by flying the American flag upside down.

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Yet, the press wants us to believe these are grass-roots patriots so the press continues to disperse  propaganda for the insurgents; working like idiots to destroy their own country.

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Is this our future? Trapped in some delusion that think the 60's should "Rise Again"?

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The situation has not improved. Unfortunately, on Monday October 10th, Mayor Bloomberg informed the traitors they may continue to SQUAT in the Zuccotti Shanty-Town.  Yet, Bloomberg is a very, very wealthy man. He's in the 1% they plan to take down. Fool!

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Pelosi, etc . The RICH people and the government the anarchists revile. Very useful idiots.

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Bloomberg, Pelosi & Reid.  Biden & Obama. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy within. As guilty of treason as those they are protecting.

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 Since the media is dedicated to denying the subversive goals of the "Occupiers" it's imperative that we don't grow weary and leave them to there nefarious purpose. Since I have more pictures to post of Day 20 and Day 22,hopefully I can help continue to put some light on who they really are.

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After all, do we really want their New World Order to win?

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And these foolish, foolish people actually think they're happy....

DSCN7530 copy 

Just read their little signs...

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Juniper in the Desert said...

"There is no"I" in Unions"??? These scum are wealthy retards. Only they have the spare time and money to ponce around like this!!

Red Squirrel (Pamela Hall) said...

Hi, Juniper, Glad you caught the Union Sign. Thought it was a tad amusing.
BTW- Just read the Park is to be hosed down on Friday, BUT they will then permit the scum to move right back in. This is all so insane.