Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fakestinian Protest as Israel Philharmonic Plays Carnegie Hall

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What follows is from their Fakestinian flyer, announcing a protest of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra’s NYC performance from 5:30 – 7:15 pm outside Carnegie Hall  in Manhattan:

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"The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s (IPO) performance is part of its annual national tour, which will be protested in other cities as well. The protests respond to the call from Palestinian civil society to boycott institutions that .... oppress Palestinians in Israel, the territories, and in exile.

The orchestra actively participates in whitewashing Israel’s apartheid policies. By serving as cultural ambassadors for Israel, the Israel Philharmonic is supporting the Israeli government’s “Brand Israel” initiative, an effort to divert public attention from Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people...The goodwill created by these tours…is of enormous value to the State of Israel.

People throughout the Middle East are mobilizing to challenge repressive governments. The people will not tolerate dictatorships or occupations. Join us in the street for a peaceful, meaningful, timely protest against the art-washing of apartheid."

 Of course, we saw all the same old Leftist/Commie/Progressive... Fakestinians that show up at all their anti-America /anti-Israel protests.

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But looking at the list of supposed supporters co-sponsors: 
Adalah-NY, Artists Against  Apartheid – NYC, Al Awda-NY, Hunter Collage SJP, Jews Say No!, Middle  East Crisis Response, Palestinian Club of Brooklyn College, NYU – SJP,  War Resisters League New York Local, WESPAC, Women in Black-Union  Square, Women of a Certain Age......

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Perhaps their smallish turnout was because the cold was a bit too much for these reptilian Jew-Haters.

Or because they were protesting Wisconsin (outside Fox) and Bahrain outside their mission....all at the same time ....they wound up spreading their cold-weather storm-troops a bit thin.

Passers-by were more perplexed rather than offended and in good NY fashion....not interested in taking their hateful propaganda flyers.

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Other than singing a few LOUD hootnanny folk songs, they weren't making much of an impression.

Not a raging success. Just a blip on the map of Lefty propaganda hate-fest. with the usual anti-Semitism and lies  ...

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And from  what I saw, the press had no interest in their repetitive speeches and 1930's folk songs. For once the press got something right.

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A lovely sight to see was this valiant turnout standing tall in support of Israel

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Am Yisrael Chai!

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