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New York: Show Your Opposition to Ahmadinejad (and more)

The evil dwarf is back-in-town:

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And the first of a series of New York Protests Against Ahmadinejad began on Sunday,
September 19, 2010

The next large protest rally will be on September 23....

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Like clock-work, the UN and its cronies have rolled out the welcome mat for this murderer.

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DSCN2495 copyright hosted this informational protest rally in Central Park at Columbus Circle...

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Right across from CNN

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DSCN2540 copyright close...yet ... so far away when it comes to press-coverage

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The purpose of this rally was to show opposition to Ahmadinejad and his human rights abuses, as well as his nuclear aspirations.

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To stand in solidarity with those whose voices have been silenced in Iran they stood with signs and tape over their mouths to demonstrate that opposition to Iran's violent regime by its oppressed people has been silenced.

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But this time the murderous , anti-semite is staying at the Hilton, just around the corner from the Israeli Consulate.

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Many more protests are planned as long as this tyrant struts around the UN, welcomed

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a slide show of a few more pictures

Ah'jad is welcomed and unchallenged by the same press that thinks there is no veiled threat to our freedoms behind the building of a Victory Mosque at Ground zero.

Could this story get any CREEPIER? Murderers and tyrants and summits...oh my.....

"A summit of U.S. Muslim organizations (a Pow-wow) is planned [for today and Sunday] in New York City to address both the project and a rise in anti-Muslim sentiments and rhetoric that has accompanied the debate over the project. It has yet to be seen whether the group will emerge with a firm stand on the proposed community center, dubbed Park51. The primary purpose of the two-day meeting is to talk about ways to combat religious bigotry."

Zaheer Uddin, Executive Director of Majlis Ash-Shura of Metropolitan New York Islamic Leadership Council, rear right, organizes a press availability at the National American Muslim Summit, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010 in New York. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

NY POST eagerly reported on what seemed to be a spontaneous gathering:

"Muslim Pow-Wow"

Concerned Muslims plan to hold a summit at a hotel near Kennedy Airport today to discuss how to stem what they say is a rising anti-Islamic tide.

"We'll begin the conversation," said Shaik Ubaid of the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York. He said extremists had forced US Muslims to support the Ground Zero mosque even if they initially had doubts about the idea. "Once it became a rallying cry for extremists, we had no choice but to stand with Feisal Rauf," he said."

Anyone else wonder why the Post was using the word POW-WOW??

Surfed around and found this gem. The American Muslim (2004) A report on the Muslim Pow-Wow from 1993.

From wikipedia: " The First North American Muslim Pow Wow was held in June 1993 in New Mexico, United States. The event brought together Muslims of diverse backgrounds to know one another, to increase trust, and to discover a common voice. The original Pow Wow was largely the result of efforts by Sheila Musaji and Hakim Archuletta.

'Pow-wow' is a native Algonquin word, and was used to indicate a desire for Islam to become native to the American Continent. The word further expressed the intention of the gathering, as a conference, a council meeting, a caucus, a time to hear each other out. The gathering was a grassroots, three day camping event which took on a spirit of celebration.

Annual gatherings continued over the next three years, and within the last decade such transformative study & worship circles have become formalized into what are known as “Deen Intensives”.

Deen Intensives have spread to different places in North America and as far abroad as England. The Pow Wow is currently inactive. " .......NOT ANYMORE.....

And then we found this: TIME has two disturbing videos which are intended to show the happy, peaceful American converts, in particular, worshiping during Ramadan. TIME took the same footage and managed to make two videos out of it. With the dhimmi-press in lock-step, TIME marches in to the belly-of-the-beast: Park51...

"Young students and professionals who pray at the Park51 mosque, two blocks from Ground Zero, defend the controversial site".

[And the imam is the NYU chaplain a s well as chaplain to the NYC police. The damage done by his indoctrination of our police department runs he sensitizes young officers to the muslim protect them from the "anti-Muslim racists"{that would be anyone who questions something like a VICTORY mosque at GZ....]

Read more:

During Ramadan prayer services at Park51, site of a proposed Islamic Center, attendees discuss the mosque and the media frenzy surrounding it
(more bridge-building sharing from the Muslim converts)

Read more:

"Iran's loopy dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is headed to the Big Apple this week for the meeting of the UN General Assembly. In the spirit of "peace" in his region, Ahmadinejad said from Syria yesterday that Middle Eastern countries will "disrupt" American and Israeli peace efforts."

[And those peaceful UN cronies have no problem with this threat.]

Iran's Holocaust-denying, Zionist-hating leader also called for the release of eight of his "illegally arrested and detained" countrymen. Read more:

This is SICK. Just plain SICK : Why couldn't the UN have been the target that day for those virgin-hungry Muslims.

The Mad Dwarf has come-to-town and we have a Muslim POW-WOW, bent on getting their Victory mosque built at Ground Zero.

More than ever we must persevere : NO Mosque at Ground Zero. Not Now. Not Ever!

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