Friday, September 24, 2010

Freedom for Iran and No Nukes for Ahjad Rally at UN (9-23-10)

UPDATE : 10-14-10 ALL seven videos are now posted. Just added John Bolton's speech (in 2 parts)

In Part 1 (John Bolton)
The first 3 minutes has unsteady camera trying to shoot over crowd.
I decided to black out the video in those sections so I could post video .
Please LISTEN at those spots. Sound is good . Speech is great.

In Part 2 (John Bolton)
Holding camera over heads in crowd of this fabulous (but long) speech, I didn't catch the very end. Only missed the wrap up at the end.

Slide show Number 1:

11 AM, September 23,2010. Rally to protest the presence of Ahmadinejad at the UN.
Brave Iranians came together, joined by Jews and Christians as well as former Ambassador the to the U.N. John Bolton and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, both of whom spoke.

America came out to protest the murderous Ahmadinejad; this tyrant who was welcomed at the United Nations. Unwanted in Iran, he steals elections and terrorizes and murders those who protest and beg for freedom.

We have video and lots of pictures from the "No to Ah'jad" rally across the the U.N. It was one of the more beautiful rallies. The purple balloons, scarves and caps; the confetti stars being shot high above the was gorgeous. Yet,
the message was any thing but..... Sometimes uplifting and at other times deeply disturbing; that the UN should give a public forum to the holocaust denying, 9-11 truther
: sickening!

Part 1: Opening Video

Part 2 includes excerpts from Rudy Guiliani

Part 3: The Marxist-Iranians were set-up at the corner of 47th and 2nd ave. The police however tried to move them, said they had no amplified sound permit, but as usual....after much chatter between police and the Leftists.... the Lefty/Soc/Progressive/Commies-Reads: Marxist....They didn't move.

A whole contingent of sign-waving Che-loving Reds arrived, pressing-on with their SECULAR protest. Then in the distance we heard a huge roar and saw lots of confetti. This was when Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian Resistance was introduced to speak.

Apologies for BOUNCY CAMERA work... the zoom was hyper sensitive ...and I was having more difficulty than usual keeping it steady....

Part 4: Maryam Rajavi, leader of Iranian Resistance, spoke....

Part 6:
During the protest, South of the stage (at 1st Avenue) where the rally took place was the Falun Gong. Never saw them in action before (and so QUIET). Then as I left the rally, there was Crazy Commie Guy on 2nd Avenue. What a contrast....

There was unexpected street-theatre depicting the sharia law horrors of hangings and stonings so loved by this vile dwarf.

There were the Marxist Iranians accompanied by the local Reds and of course (for those of you who know him: Crazy Commie Guy.)

It is an outrage that the madman of Tehran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad was granted a platform at the United Nations. “...a sad day for people of all faiths” .

Tibetans, Camaroons, Chinese Fulong Gong and the La Raza contingent. And throw in a new Leftist org called, Iran 180.

These Leftists formed a new group called "Iran 180" and hosted a press conference on Monday with Anthony Weiner and Jerry Nadler . Today they brought their GIANT head-puppets (nobody but the hard-core left drags these giant heads around) It's De rigueur . Freshman year: "How to make Giant Puppet Heads for Protests 101"

TONS of pictures of this eclectic
rally to follow. One more slide-show to be posted)

One more video is left to be posted ...

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Juniper in the Desert said...

I don't trust the left one millimetre! Here in the UK they attend nazi pro-Ahmadi rallies and scream hysterically "long live the Islamic republic!" They are undiluted scum.

(there is video evidence on youtube, al quds rally, Hyde Park London, 2010)