Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part 3-Free Gaza/Anti Israel Leftists countered by Israel Supporters

Update:After the march to the Israeli Consulate, these supporters of Israel countered and interacted admirably with some of those who opposed Israel's existence.

Part 3
- When these Jewish girls arrived at the Israeli Consulate, they were told they had to stand on the South/West corner of 42nd st and 2nd Ave (putting some distance between them and the anti-Israel faction)

DSCN1325 dp

But, the anarchists can't stand the slight of the Israeli flag! So their young men and young women came out to "engage" these stalwart defenders of Israel .

DSCN1352 dp

DSCN1355 dp

Their interviewers came over with cameras and recorders:

DSCN1361 dp

DSCN1377 dp

And there was the 'Peacenik'...."Grannies for Peace"-type...

DSCN1367 dp 2

She came (walker in tow) to the S/W corner...

DSCN1367 dp

...just to lecture the Jewish girls about Mengele and Hiroshima....

DSCN1368 dp

But she couldn't respond when pressed to discuss the anti-Israel lies presented by these children. (Seems she has no problem with these LIES)

DSCN1335 dp 2

DSCN1378 dp

The police seemed hesitant when it came to herding the anarchists back to their pen. These girls were waiting (a long time) for their bus...So, of course, they managed to harass the girls with chants of "Free Free Palestine" etc....

DSCN1382 dp

It was always a slow "would-you-please' go back. Not what our side is used to. (We're told to move and we hop.)

DSCN1386 dp

But what matters more is that these young women were great!

DSCN1348 dp

They quietly sang while they held their flags up with confidence.

DSCN1350 dp

Whether 4 0r 400 .... We make a difference. Am Yisrael Chai !

Part 3 slide show (or by pass by clicking thru to Flickr)

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