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Part 2- Anti-Israel/anti-American Leftists march to Consulate

Update-Part 2- video as anarchists march to Israeli Consulate:

Part 2 “…the First Anniversary of the Israeli-U.S. Massacre, the People of Gaza Need Your Solidarity” was December 27, 2009 (at 1 PM)

DSCN1229 dp 2

The International Action Center kicked-off another of their hate-Israel and anti-American protests in Times Square and then marched to the Israeli Consulate (which they choose to call the Israeli "Mission").

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The Leftists marched from Times Square to the Israeli Consulate via 6th avenue (not 42nd st as they have done in the past)

DSCN1199 dp

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And then East on 48th street (passing Rockefeller Center)

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DSCN1238 dp

They wrote in their flyers how they would “march through the crowded holiday streets to the Israeli “mission”.”

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And also, “We will say the blockade must end, the flow of U.S. arms and dollars to Israel must stop and Israeli generals and politicians must be prosecuted for war crimes.

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Always an education to watch how the police baby-sit them (well co-ordinated...the police do a stand-up job of crowd and traffic-control)

DSCN1262 dp

Our tax dollars at work, protecting the First Amendment rights of anarchists, who hate America ! And who never fail to to manipulate the situation so they can 'break the rules' laid out by the police...

DSCN1268 dp

They also like to walk very,VERY slowly... and SLOWLY respond to the police when told to pick up their pace....

DSCN1294 dp

They take the protest on to the sidewalk (not staying in the street as required) because they intend to engage the public walking by....

DSCN1297 dp

They arrived (finally) at the Israeli Consulate...

DSCN1331 dp

The anarchists, of course, took their flags and flyers to the Israeli side of the street...the S/W corner (even though they are expected to stay in front of the consulate)

DSCN1334 dp 2

DSCN1281 dp 2

When these Jewish girls arrived, they were told they had to stand on the South/West corner of 42nd st and 2nd Ave. (yet the police hesitated to herd the Leftists back to their pen!)

DSCN1325 dp

You see, the anarchists can't stand the slight of the Israeli flag! So they would send cameras, young men and young women over to "engage" these stalwart defenders of Israel . They even sent one of their elderly ("Grannies for Peace") who came over (walker in tow) to the S/W corner just to lecture the Jewish girls about Mengele and about Hiroshima but couldn't respond when pressed to discuss the anti-Israel lies presented by these Leftists. (Seems she has no problem with these LIES below)

DSCN1335 dp 2

DSCN1339 dp

Part 3 will be pictures of the Israeli supporters at that corner and some video as well.

Part 1

Part 3

The slide show of Part 2 (you can also click thru to Flickr)

The groups advertised as participants against Israel were the International Action Center which was to be joined by Al-Awda NY the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, the Arab Muslim American Federation, the MAS Freedom Foundation, American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Dec. 12 Movement, New York City Labor Against the War and many others.

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A list of other local anti- Israel actions can be found on the Gaza Freedom March Web site.

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