Monday, December 14, 2009

Coptic Christians Rally in New York against the Egyptian government

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This statement is from the American Copts at who organized simultaneous rallies in several States to "express their resentment and rejection to what is taking place to their brethren in Egypt, including killings, destruction and looting of their property, displacement from their homes and the forced Islamization of their minor daughters."

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One of the organizers spoke to me about how the Islamist bring hundreds of their young Muslim males to our colleges with the intention of having them romance and marry American women. Hello? America! We need to pay attention to these valiant people, the Copts. We can no longer remain ignorant of the horrors Islam and Egypt have inflicted upon the Coptic Christians;this is Europe today and America tomorrow (if we let it happen).

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Their statement continues with, "Copts expressed their rejection of the collusion of the Egyptian State Security and other security authorities in all crimes taking place against the Copts in Egypt."

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Their plan was to start at the Egyptian Mission to the United Nations at 304 East 44th Street in N Y and to then march towards the United Nations, ending at 4.00 pm. The reverse happened for some reason. First the police placed the Copts at a location behind construction at the UN. Why?

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It was an odd location...not the usual location for these rallies. I arrived about 1:45 looking for a rally that was supposed to last from Noon to 4 PM . However, the rally was now marching to the Egyptian Mission (leaving the obstructed location at the UN) and because the police shut them down early,at 2 PM, I never got video of their robust and heart-felt chants of "Free Christian Egypt. Free Christian Egypt" .

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The police said the sound permit at the mission stopped at 2 PM and even though the Copts had a permit til 4 at the UN they would not be permitted to return to that less than desirable location. WHY?

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That's NOT how things go down for the Leftists. The Leftists march wherever and whenever they want. They demand freedom of assembly rights but NO such freedoms were extended to the Copts.

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The Copts need our help (where were the other groups that knew about this rally. It's shameful they did not give support to the Copts) And the police hid them and shut them down early. It's an OUTRAGE!

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