Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bloomies Follies #435 as New Yorkers prepare for car-free Times Square

This gem of an experiment was pushed through without those who live and work in the area getting to respond to how it will affect their businesses and the side streets: "No Term-Limits for me Bloomberg" is at again.

May 24, 10:12 PM EDT

As we walked from 43rd to 47th St you can see the rest of the pictures (with captions) by clicking thumbnail:

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by redsquirrel08

And some video from Wednesday evening (May 27) as the experiment continues:

New Yorkers prepare for car-free Times Square

NEW YORK (AP) -- Opening now on Broadway: Pedestrian malls at Times Square and Herald Square.

As part of a Department of Transportation plan to make the city more livable, cars will be banned from stretches of Broadway at Times Square and at Herald Square.

The city believes the move will reduce pollution, cut down on pedestrian accidents and help traffic flow more smoothly.

The Department of Transportation says the barriers were fully in place sometime before 8 p.m. Sunday.

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