Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking For Those Club Gitmo Lefties

World Can't Wait, Code name 'em ...they were there. Grand Central to the Union League Club. Caterwalling about Bushes War and Club Gitmo. Marching to The Union League to continue the palintive cries of "Shame of you-o-o-o-o" in 'honor' of a dinner honoring General Petraeus.

This is in four parts as the Leftards love to preach and preach and PREACH their usual lies and propaganda....

Part 1

Orange people...looking for Orange people in Grand Central Rush Hour...Part 1 is the arrival .Parts 2 and 3 'fireworks"as some of the rush hour public is just a tad annoyed with these Leftards. Then Part 4 as the 'detainees' march to the Union League Club.

Part 2

Those orange people do go and on...caught in a time warp, they just aren't happy unless they can be very VERY UN-happy...but the crowd gets bored and some get fed-up and dare tp it seems more like 'playtime' for some leftards...?

Part 3

The long-winded and dead-headed Lefties prattle on....pouring the kool-aid for those dumb enough to drink it...Is there any country they do like?!

Part 4 (It may still be processing)

Ladies and Gentleman the LEFTARDS have left the building. As they marched over to the Union League Club (carrying their waterboards) and where they met up with Patriots who were there to greet General Petraeus. God Bless America!

And a few pictures as well (click the thumbnail)
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by redsquirrel08

But just a few as we were busy with the video of these Club Gitmo retards...

Calling All terrorists ! Club Gitmo welcomes you-o-o-o-o

The water? She is the on-the-house!

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