Friday, April 17, 2009

New York City Apr 15 Tax Tea Party

Americans are SILENT NO MORE!!

Part 1

Part 2 (Newt)

Reliable sources estimate the crowd at 15,000 or more . The bodies were PACKED from SOUTH of City Hall Park to Chambers (NORTH). Both sides of the avenue and thick from park fence into the the math!! Thousands. America! What a Country!!

To see more pictures in the speakers album go here:
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by redsquirrel08

THEN when NEWT arrived, the very pleased and VERY enthusiastic crowd swarmed in from the street :

 very special fan of Newt's...she was so HAPPY!!

For more pictures of Newt go here>>
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by redsquirrel08

The album with pictures of all the fabulous signs and the crowd is here>>

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by redsquirrel08

VIDEO will be posted later.


LauraB said...

Wow, I came looking for squirrels and in this post, at least, all I got was dirty rats. Republicans LOST but they have representation. Sucks for them.

Don't Tread on Me said...

Great pictures! You all rocked!