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An Evening at "Zucchini" Park & OWS Day 42

Last Friday, October 28, 2011, Day 42 of the "Occupation"was also the day before the early snow storm that crippled so much of the area around Manhattan. AND it was the day the illegal generators were confiscated by the Fire Department. Perhaps that's why the park seemed so dark as I left between 7 and 7:30. It was a challange to get video and pics. 

As I arrived, this was the scene on the West side of "Zucchini":

IMG_1038 copy 

 IMG_1045 copy

Not as many kids as on the weekends ( just these two perhaps)

IMG_1047 copy

The Soc/Commie/Dem/Anarchists (saw some Green Party faces, too) were still hanging out, as well as Anonymous (not sure these guys are FOR anything)

IMG_1051 copy

 IMG_1055 copy

Well..they are for SELLING T-shirts ( Captilalism by any other name, is OKAY)

IMG_1097 copy

As I walked East, I saw some of our police...calmly earning lots of over-time....

 IMG_1057 copy

This is the South Side of the park that's now a NO-GO Zone (even for the police.) The druggies and hard-ass criminals are squatting here. Seems these guys are the only ones who can actually move the "Occupiers" OUT of this area, this NO-Go zone. Once it's dark, Stay OUT.

IMG_1058 copy 

IMG_1061 copy

Apparently theft goes hand in hand with panhandling cause I'm pretty sure this is some of the police netting the 'peaceful' occupiers just happened to have 'take' during a 'peaceful' march (or maybe it's just a ...coincidence?)

 IMG_1105 copy

IMG_1094 copy

 The East Side of Zucchini. More fun and Games with familiar faces....

IMG_1066 copy

IMG_1078 copy

 Is she scary, or what?

IMG_1068 copy

They most activity here, the East and N/E side of the park, considered a safe -zone (safe from those thugs in the S/W area) and where they have a bicycle generator. BTW- it ONLY takes 10 hours of pedaling to power up a hair dryer. Amazing.... but these tools are buying into this "Return to the Dark Ages."

IMG_1073 copy

IMG_1132 copy

 Child Safe Zone, but it's not a Child Care Zone, just a '''Safe Place". Maybe that's why there are no kids here...way too confusing....

 IMG_1080 copy

And some 'light' reading material for the curious... Get your hijabs right here....

IMG_1079 copy

Holding posters high, handing out flyers and booklets. all talking at the same time. What a mess!

IMG_1069 copy

IMG_1155 copy

IMG_1113 copy

My favorite sign of the day:

IMG_1092 copy

But, I had actually returned to Zucchini" to catch a glimpse of "Occupation Kuffeya" night .

 IMG_1168 copy

Hosted by a group of angry 20-somethings eager to spew their hatred for all things Jewish, promoting BDS (they claim the Jews stole their Hummus. Really) and made no secret of their main goal: NO State of Israel. EVER. There is No "Two State Solution" in their plans. "From The River To The Sea" . I am ever so pleased to report that their little occupation fell flat.

IMG_1102 copy

"Zucchini" Park is now bursting at the seams. Everyone hoping to lay claim to the few optimal spots on the East stairs. This was the spot they wanted, but a group of Spanish 'mic checkers' were there and showed no signs of leaving

 IMG_1088 copy

All the stairs were jammed so Occupation Kuffeya was relegated to the low visibilty park floor.

 IMG_1126 copy

IMG_1163 copy

 Surrounded by the teaming masses of squatters and lookie-loos.... who had no interest in their silk-screening and petition... They took pictures and did interview for themselves.

 IMG_1192 copy

 IMG_1164 copy

Oh, they did send Kilt-Man (who wore shorts this evening) over to the stairs to share a brief Pas de deux (with his Kuffeya) with moi. Ho-Hum...yawn....

 This is "Kiltman" on the left as he arrived....

Screen shot 2011-10-29 at 5.59.09 PM
Caught the fun in my video (scroll down). But it was brief. Kiltman grew weary and returned to his nest of Kuffeyas.... and I finished filming the non-event.....Then I headed west for a look-see of  "Zucchini" as I left the Kuffeyas behind...

 IMG_1205 copy

The night setting on my video cam may be be unsettling to some (visually) but if you are game please watch Part 4 of the videos. It ends with these OHM Prayers on the West side of the park across from the Burger King, I finally saw their 'secular' altar area in use by some Yogi-type..... The drums were "in bed" the mounds on the I was actually able to hear every intoned "OHM". 

Guess some of this "Good Neighbor" Policy is being implemented:

IMG_1179 copy

The Marxist/Socialist/Anarchists have created a moral void. Religion has been secularized. Emptied. And those who are searching (and gullible) knelt at this altar for a VERY long time...intoning over and over...For what? To Change The World? One TONE at a time?


 IMG_1209 copy

IMG_1211 copy

The squatters and dabblers looking for love in all the wrong places. 

 IMG_1216 copy

 Interesting sign at this altar of "peace and love" An  altar we're asked to respect. I guess that's kind of like how they're respecting the park, maybe.....Or not....

IMG_1223 copy

Wonder when our NYPD and Bloomie and the VERY "LIBERAL" City Council will decide that enough is enough. Will they? Can they?

As this report from Oakland reveals, the Occupiers/Unions/Thugs have made the next move with a MANDATORY STRIKE DAY (Nov 2) What will happen to the businesses that don't shut down as THEY demand?Will the police be able to protect them?

The plaza where the encampment is located is once again covered in brightly colored tents and tarps. Protesters estimate that several hundred people are sleeping at the camp nightly.
During the strike, protesters intend to march from downtown to the Port of Oakland and will try to close it down. Protesters also said they would picket banks, businesses, schools, libraries and any employer who tries to discipline striking workers.

 Is each city going to continue to roll-over?  One occupation at a time? Is this INSANE or WHAT? 


Part 1  ( 5:30 PM)  Before I checked out the Kuffeya escapade on the East side of "Zucchini" Square I passed by the drummers on the West Side. The mess, the filth crammed into and spilling out of this public/private park is appalling. The police stand around (getting lots of overtime ) and Bloomberg and Company says that's okay cause it's all about "Free Speech"  

Part 2 With big plans of hitching a ride on the OWS bandwagon, a group of  20-somethings supporting Death to Israel gathered at "Zucchini"-ville to show off their Kuffeyas and to silk screen t-shirts. Ther was LOTS of competition. The ubiquitous Kiltman (who never bathes) danced a Kuffeya Dance just for moi and then back to silk-screening...

Part 3. It's now about  6:30 PM . At one point, as the Kuffeya occaption limped along, I heard "mic check" from a group on the South side of the park. Came through clearly. A vivid example of how the drums as well as the constant chanting and mic check are destroying the peace and quiet of those who live down there.  ( Ther ewas also a late night saxophone and trumpet)

Part 4  - Signs of Anarchy, T-shirts ,a salad-bowl of malcontents.  Midway thru this video there was very little light in the park. Still, I wanted to walk thru and give a sense of how packed it had become with squatters. There are a few large tents, not just the squatter pup-tents. And the west end of the park, across from the Burger King, I finally saw their 'secular' altar area in use by some Yogi-type..... 


 slide show of pics


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