Friday, February 5, 2010

shalom international at ground zero

On Jan 28, 2010 Shalom International held a rally at Ground Zero

DSCN2557 dp

in support of Israel...

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DSCN2521 dp

Rabbi Gary Moscowitz spoke...
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To inform (Liz Berney - candidate for Congress was there and spoke)

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Target continues to ignore our concerns about motives, agenda, sales, disposal, etc. of the globe they sold that had "Palestine" on it and not "Israel."

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How many years has this globe been available? How many millions have they sold? If Target is spreading this 'evil' the boycott Target. If "Israel" doesn't exist to Target, then Target doesn't exist to us."

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And... to demand that the KSM trials NOT be held in Manhattan

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Click slide show for more pictures:

And a short video Rabbi Gary Moscowitz and Elizabeth Berney:

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