Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Usual Commie B.S. In Times Square ( pics & video)

While the people of Ukraine yearn to be free of Totalitarian/Marxist/Fascist Governments, our local Marxist Ignorati marched in Manhattan against Freedom. Period.

Against the Freedom of and for the Individual.

The Collective Rules.

Marching in front of the Times Square Recruitment Station.  They proclaim their LOOOVE for Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong-un, Putin...

They abhor the EVIL "American Military Industrial Complex."

Supported and encouraged by our colleges and media. (.... and our current President....) they multiply without end....decade after decade.

Round and round they go, with the same tired Marxist slogans...

Loons of the Far Left ....

On-the-fringe of society?

God, I hope so....

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