Monday, December 10, 2012

John Fund "What Went Wrong: Election 2012" Philadelphia Freedom Center (video)

November 19,2012. Philadelphia Union League. Philadelphia Freedom Center.


Craig Snider, the Chair of the Philadelphia Freedom Center, gave the opening remarks and then introduced Andrew C. McCarthy, the new Executive Director of the Freedom Center. McCarthy is known for his prosecution of the Blind Sheik and is the author of several books on the threat of radical Islam. He spoke briefly before introducing John Fund.

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John Fund gave a powerfully interesting assessment of the 2012 election, the economy, immigration and even Benghazi while sharing his thoughts on what the next 4 years may look like. This was followed by an equally interesting Q and A. I was glad that the discussion included Allen West's recent election woes in Florida. (be sure to watch in HD)


Afterwards, Fund signed copies of his book, "Who's Counting: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put your Vote at Risk". ( PJ media has a review here)

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Fund and McCarthy both stayed after to chat more on the elections (post and future).

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I had arrived post-election still struggling with my disappointment and lacking much enthusiasm towards the next four years. However, Fund's honestly critical perspective and the thoughtful questions from the audience managed to 'loose the bonds' of my malaise as we were encouraged "to be more aggressive in our messaging" and reminded "that each of us needs to become a media outlet to publicize the facts that matter."

Next event at the Philly Freedom Center will be Victor Davis Hanson on Dec 11.

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