Monday, November 5, 2012

10/25/12 – ANTI-Israel LEFTISTS & “Free the Holy Land Five” Protest

Thursday, October 25th, 2012. The OWS-Marxist-Leftists met outside Federal Hall to demand a  “Day of Action” and to call for  “Justice for the Holy Land Five!” Release the Five Now!” 

Accusing Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, of horrid crimes while ignoring the very real crimes of these five men who supported terrorism.  Most Freedom Loving Americans and certainly Israelis fee that Justice was served when these five were CONVICTED of supporting Savages and Terrorism. 

So, RELEASE the “Holy Land Five” so they can continue to “donate” to Fakestinian ‘charities’?

I found familiar anti-Israel Leftists and commies gathered outside the Federal Building in Lower Manhattan…. along with OWS “Fellow-Travelers” and their media-team…

Commie-agitator – Bill Doar – looking closely at my I.D.

Comrade-bully, Andy Pollack ( in green cap)

Ann Shirazi, marching in circles with her anti-Semitic chums, Jenny Heinz and  Joan Pleune (Code Pinkos and Grannie “Peace” Brigaders). Spent about 20 minutes watching them walk …slowly…in circles….

Ann tried to hand a hate-the-Jews flyer to a Vet passing by:
And, of course, Lauri Arbeiter … on the right… arrived with her very black “We Will Not Be Silent” placards (as Andy and Joan go circling by)
Commie-Chums, Caleb Maupin of the Workers World Party (with flyers and the long red-hair) as Bill Doar goes passing by…

BTW- you might find this interesting. Caleb’s you tube speech HERE ….from Oct 2011…

A Workers World Party forum entitled “Socialism In the United States: Is It Possible?” directed at members of the Occupy Wall Street movement who had become interested in Marxism-Leninism and Socialism.

My associate, TTD, points out that the Workers World Party is a front group of  Ramsey Clark’s  International Action Center (aka the “Cancer from ANSWER”). And they are marching not for Freedom and Peace but, instead, in support of Terrorism!

At this link you can read more on why they were supporting the release of these terrorist-enablers. The writer warns, ominously:
“…the ongoing law enforcement spying on Palestine solidarity activists in Boston and New York, and this is what you get: a process of criminalizing Palestine solidarity activism. Taken together, these measures could having a chilling effect on people wanting to get involved in this type of activism.”

One small pleasure, as I covered these savage hate-mongers, it was a NOT a large gathering!

A VIDEO of anti-Israel chants as they sloped-by  in a circle:

Even though I have heard these professional agitators, OWS-Marxist-Leftists, complain about Obama not meeting their “Dreams”, on November 6th most will  vote once, twice, three times, if possible, while dragging every illegal, felon and the “long-dead” to stuff the ballot-boxes for NoBama… They are that dedicated to the Take-Down of America AND ISRAEL.

Hoping that America will rise-up in large enough numbers to stop this insurgency from succeeding in winning the White House… AGAIN.

A slide show of a few more pictures:


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