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Anti-Israel Protest in Times Square "International Day of Al Quds"(2012) vids & pics

August 17, 2012. 3:30 PM . Times Square . 42nd St and 7th Avenue.

Al-Quds means "the holy place".

"The "holy place" they refer to is Jerusalem, which has a history going back about a thousand years BCE. Mohammed lived in 7th century Arabia, about 1,500 years after the city of Jerusalem arose. But he met (and waged war) against Jewish tribal peoples in the Arabian desert, borrowed ideas from Christianity and Judaism, and then had to discover a divine right to three holy places: Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem. (...)
The Muslim "right" to Jerusalem was solved by mythology. Mohammed flew on his horse to heaven, when he died in a tent in Arabia. But he flew from the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem, so Muslims own Jerusalem, too. "

A day of anger dedicated to  "hatred and racism". An event created thirty years ago " by the Ayatollah Khomeini".  A day " to whip up genocidal rage against Israel", the United States and, of course, The World. (..."because the WHOLE world belongs to Allah and his faithful")

" The International Day of al-Quds" (aka  JERUSALEM, the Capitol of ISRAEL)

"The epicentre of Al-Quds Day is Iran, where homosexuals are publicly executed, women stoned to death, dissidents gang-raped and then murdered, the Holocaust denied, and international terrorism planned and financed.
Tehran is the model that many of the people at the centre of this protest admire and would like to see replicated everywhere.

These protestors are nothing but genocidal "People of Conscience" who spew chants like, "From the River to the Sea". A chant that that calls for the annihilation of Israel.

They couldn’t give a damn about the Palestinians, and see their plight as another way to extend their own ideology."

"All CIVILIZED people condemn public pleas for violence and genocide"

Their savagery denied as they display posters that claim to be in  "solidarity with all the oppressed human beings of the world"

"The innocent civilians of Palestine" who they claim are victimized by the "oppressive, racist Zionist regime they refer to as the  so-called "State of Israel"

Cyrus McGoldrick- NY CAIR  (as he waits to speak...and "rap")

Cyrus "the Raskol Khan" McGoldrick is an artist and community activist, an American Muslim of Iranian and Irish descent. A recent graduate of Columbia University in New York City, he is the Civil Rights Manager at the NY chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and serves on the Board of Directors for Getting Out & Staying Out, a program dedicated to helping young men coming out of prison to stay out of prison. As an independent world/hip-hop musician specializing in voice, beats and live instruments (tenor sax, violin, piano), he has been performing since 2004 with various groups around the country. He is a voice for Islam, human rights and cultural understanding, featured in hundreds of concerts, rallies, panels, and local, national and international media.

Cyrus called for the boycotting of 'Zionist" aka Jewish companies, invoking the image of the murderous Che and invited all "peace-loving people to voice their opposition to the "unjust and illegal occupation" of the great Al-Aqsa Mosque and the usurpation of the Holy Land by the Zionist regime. "

 Peace-loving? Like in "Hamas? Hezbollah?"  (VIDEO)

A disgusting and arrogant display of Jew-hatred and animosity for the U.S as well. Nothing changes as they  chastised the U.S. for supporting this 'so-called' State.

This was a lame event; poorly attended. Only about 100 showed up. Yet the organizers optimistically scheduled a huge block of time:  3:30  to 7 PM.( Big Fail). 

If interested, their face book page posted a few pictures up "tight and close" so the 'pens' look 'packed'.  Usually whole families come out to these rallies. They were noticeably missing.

Every sign you read. Fiction. Fraud. A"history" of how Islam.. And claims that the Jews, the Brits and the U.S. have all 'stolen' the Holy Land for the Muslims.

Insanity .

Their genocidal banner was larger than the crowd.

The view looking north...

The MASTER OF CEREMONIES was "Radio Rahim". A Poet and Human Rights Activist (so he says)

 In Washington DC, Radio Rahim, grew up in a multi-cultural home with a mixed ancestry that includes Native American leader Osceola and Persian mystical poet Sayyid Razi ad-Din Artimoni. Radio Rahim works closely with Oppression.org, a site which for over 10 years has been raising awareness on issues ignored by mainstream media. Along the same lines, Rahim seeks to connect with listeners through his spiritual perspective and conscious lyricism.
                          Only posted brief moments of a couple of speakers .

Sara Flounders, International ANSWER,  is a member of the Secretariat of Workers World Party. She is also a principal leader of the International Action Center. She has had several books published on different topics. She also frequently writes for Workers World newspaper. 
                       ( Sarah's  favorite chant: "From The River To The Sea" )

Rabbi Mordechia Weberman from Neturei Karta. Neturei Karta is a Jewish group opposed the establishment of and retain all opposition to the existence of the so-called "State of Israel. The name was given to a group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who refused (and still refuse) to recognize the existence or authority of the so-called "State of Israel" and made (and still make) a point of publicly demonstrating their position, the position of the Torah and authentic unadulterated Judaism.
The rest of the hour was our MC  (and some more ridiculous rapping) VIDEO


No idea if these other speakers were there (I left) but Mumia was mentioned a couple of times in the first hour that I attended.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, writer and journalist, author and political prisoner (tentative). Mumia Abu-Jamal is an African-American writer and journalist, author of six books and hundreds of columns and articles, who has spent the last 29 years on Pennsylvania’s death row. His demand for a new trial and freedom is supported by heads of state from France to South Africa, by Nobel Laureates Nelson Mandela, Toni Morrison, Desmund Tutu, by the European Parliament, by distinguished human rights organizations like Amnesty International, city governments from Detroit to San Francisco to Paris, scholars, religious leaders, artists, scientists, the Congressional Black Caucus and other members of U.S. Congress, the NAACP, labor unions, and by countless thousands who cherish democratic and human rights – and justice -the world over Amin

All of these bios are from their press release:

Husain, Palestinian-American, Organizer/Spokesperson Occupy Wall St. Amin Husain, identified as Occupy Wall Streets "deep thinkers." Husain, a 36-year-old Palestinian-American who grew up poor before becoming a corporate lawyer. When asked what drew him to OWS, he says, “I felt it was a moment for something to shift. It’s time to have people empowered to imagine, what does it mean to live in a beautiful country like the United States of America? This is a movement not about speaking to people, but about hearing. It’s not for the people. It’s with the people. It’s a new way of thinking.”

Andy Pollock, Labor Alliance of Occupy Wall Street and the Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution. Andrew Pollack is a member of the Labor Outreach Committee of OWS and of the Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution. He has also served as a coordinating committee of the National Assembly to End US Wars and Occupation and as a member of Al-Awda NY.
Maulana Anwar Ali, Spiritual Guide. Anwar Ali is a long time spiritual guide and community activist from New York. He plays an important role in the New York State prison system by reforming criminals and guiding them through a spiritual journey.
Syed Istafa Naqvi, community leader, President, Jafria Association of North America. Syed Istafa Naqvi is one of the original pioneers to help establish Islamic tradtions in North America. In 1982 he founded Jafria Association of North America and the Islamic Center of Suffolk. As an elected president of JANA since 1984 he organized the first Muharram Procession in the US, now the longest running Procession and largest Muslim Parade in the North America. He also played a pivotal role in funding and supplying medical aid to Haiti and flood ravaged Pakistan.
"ARTISTS" ( a questionable category) as the only "artists" I heard were rappers (3 of them)

Yusuf Abul-Mateen, MC, Boston based Blak Madeen

Muslim MC Yusuf Abdul-Mateen is one-half of the elite Boston unit Blak Madeen. Born in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts to an Irish-American family in the late 70s, Yusuf's passion for hip hop culture was developed while attending a Catholic high school in Lawrence, MA. His interest in music was only superseded by his interest in Islam, which he started reading about as a child. He finally converted to Islam in 2003. By then his recording career had already begun but now his lyrics would take on a spiritual and political edge. His calm, dead-pan delivery consists of powerful words and contain a message with every song.

Tahani Salah, Poet, Educator and Activist

Tahani Salah is a performer, poet, and activist based in Brooklyn, New York. She currently serves as a youth outreach coordinator and member of the Word Wide Youth Leadership Board with Urban Word NYC. She is also a member of the Nuyorican Slam Team and author of the forthcoming book Respect The Mic. Tahani has been featured on HBO's Def Poetry Jams and participated in the Mike Geffner's Inspired Word NYC Poetry Spoken Word Event. As an artist dedicated to bringing light and solutions to silenced communities she has performed across the United States, Africa and Europe.
Rebel Diaz, Political hip hop artists, South Bronx (tentative)
Rebel Diaz is a political hip hop duo out of the Bronx, New York and Chicago, IL consisting of the Chilean brothers Rodrigo Venegas and Gonzalo Venegas. Rebel Diaz uses their music as an organizing tool and to spread knowledge about injustice.
A Slideshow of the remaining pictures:

Left at 5 PM. Had no  interest in hanging around til 7 and  seriously doubt this teeny crowd of protestors lasted til 7 .

Rewriting history is an old trick of Islam. They have been far too successful erasing the history of the cultures and religions they've conquered and terrorized. But this is 2012 . We are NOT living in the 7th c and it's time to say "NO MORE."


                   Take back our history, our cultures and our freedoms.



DATE: September 11, 2012.  NYC. Join Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer along with SION.  TIME: 3 to 7PM.

It's NOT "Islamophobia" It's Islamorealism".


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