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Easter "Parade" NYC-Style ( 2012) Lots of pics and short video

April 8, 2012 (about 12: 30 PM) It's Easter in NYC on Fifth Avenue. (Orthodox Easter April 15)

 DSCN3713 copy

A few blocks on Fifth Avenue around St. Patrick's Cathedral are closed to traffic. (This is the Presbyterian Church a few blocks North)

 DSCN3723 copy

It's not really a parade per se, more like one big block-party.

DSCN3670 copy

The eclectic participants seemed less political this year. Only caught these two/

DSCN3513 copy

 No idea what the flamingo means, but the lapel button on his friend speaks loud and clear..

DSCN3718 copy

She supports marriage "equality" ...  aka gay "marriage"

DSCN3718 copy pin

Buoyant, joyful and at times .... ODD...

DSCN3597 copy


 DSCN3574 copy

(I was much too close this hirsute fellow)

DSCN3575 copy

The families were out, even the boys, to share in the creation of hats, hats and more hats....

 DSCN3731 copy

DSCN3719 copy

DSCN3799 copy

DSCN3748 copy

It wasn't just about the hats for these three friends...

DSCN3499 copy

Many times, people were posing with strangers.

 DSCN3595 copy

To capture a memory of the HATS.

 DSCN3804 copy

The beautiful children, having fun I hope...

DSCN3544 copy

DSCN3691 copy

Dad is definitely dressed for some fun....

DSCN3580 copy

Guess the guy lurking in the back ground wants in the picture....OR...he's holding up the HAT!

DSCN3782 copy

More beautiful creations....

DSCN3750 copy

DSCN3749 copy

DSCN3553 copy

DSCN3551 copy

 Perhaps not "beautiful", but lovingly made for sure.

DSCN3560 copy

DSCN3562 copy

And some beloved PETS ....

DSCN3503 copy

DSCN3546 copy

Seems a stretch for Easter but in NY, anything goes.... even a Naked Cowboy....

DSCN3568 copy

FREE to be ....whatever.... Have NO idea what these two costumes represent but they were popular when it came to getting their pictures taken.

DSCN3508 copy2

DSCN3758 copy

A WALRUS? Even she looks 'surprised'....

DSCN3775 copy

My favorite, the  musicians and dancers circa 1920 and 30s.

 DSCN3669 copy

A "crowd-pleaser"every year:


This cart was taking donations if you wanted a picture seated inside...

DSCN3515 copy

 DSCN3517 copy


 DSCN3754 copy

And the young-at-heart

DSCN3814 copy

Lots more to see in the slideshows of beautiful hats (men and women) and beautiful dresses (men and women). Good Will and Sunshine while Christians celebrated the Joy of Easter on a lovely Spring Day.

Slideshow Part 1

Slideshow Part 2

Spreading some joy in a weary world....

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