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"Gush Katif Lives!", Six Years Later (vids and pics)

GUSH KATIF LIVES! That is the message delivered on this upcoming 6th anniversary of the Expulsion from 21 Gush Katif/Gaza communities, and 4 northern Shomron communities in August, 2005.   

Settlements in Gush Katif

File:Gush Katif-Morag01.jpg

File:Gush Katif-N-Dekalim02.jpg
The Gush Katif settlements were concentrated in one block on the southwest edge of the Gaza Strip and were surrounded by fencing.


In addition to Gush Katif, there were three Israeli settlements on the northern edge of the Gaza Strip (Elei Sinai, Dugit and Nisanit), and another near its center (Netzarim).

Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) is an American Jewish group that opposes all territorial withdrawals by Israel. It supports the Israeli settlement movement and campaigned against the Oslo Accords and the evacuation of settlers from Gaza. AFSI was the host for this event.


AFSI said" As we hear talk of abandoning Jews living in Judea and Samaria, in exchange for meaningless promises from the PA/Hamas duo, it is especially important to recall the horrors of the 2005 expulsion. "

 This Synagogue was destroyed in Gush Katif mere hours after the Expulsion

 10,000 Jews were deported..In fact the entire Jewish population of Gaza—(in 2005) by their own Israeli government. 


(Orange became the color marking objection to the Israeli pullout from Gaza “settlements”.)

And still many endorse displays of mercy for those whose aim it is to slaughter us.

Dragged onto the deportation buses from their homes

 Part 1 of 4 begins with HELEN FREEDMAN

Executive Director of "Americans For a Safe Israel"

Helen also mentioned the last Outpost article written by their late Founder, Herbert Zweibon.

The pdf can be accessed here (Feb 2011)

The featured speakers were DROR VANUNU

 IMG_0417 copy

Vanunu is a  representative from the displaced persons of Gush Katif (Part 2)


 IMG_0419 copy

Oshri is from the Shomron Liaison Office ( and Helen Freedman returns in Part 3:

"It seems obvious that the defamation of the rabbis of Judea and Samaria is preparation for the de-legitimization of the "settlers." This atmosphere of distrust is deliberately being created within Israel, so that if and when PM Netanyahu swaps land for promises, the citizenry will have been programmed to accept the betrayal of those Jews who fought so hard to reclaim the land and rebuild biblical Israel. "

About our Towns

The Shomron Regional Council is the largest in area size of any other region throughout the State of Israel. Its area is about 11% of the whole country. See here a list of our towns and in each page see films, pictures and more information about the unique inner workings of each community.


 DSCN3044 copy

Strategic Advisor for Shomron Liaison Office (Part 4) 

From AFSI, " Jews and Christians throughout America should be aware of the dual nature of life in Israel - while amazing and miraculous accomplishments occur which benefit Israel, America, and the entire world, a poison exists within competing elements in the government which threaten Israel's very existence. " 

DSCN3054 copy

 There followed a Q&A in which these concerns were addressed (in 2 parts) 

Part 2

"Despite the fact that promises were made to the residents of Gush Katif that there would be a "solution for every settler", the majority of the Jewish refugees are still jobless and still living in temporary trailers or make-shift homes. "


-Jews lived in Gaza throughout all of known history.


The slogan: “A Jew does not expel Jews.” (but sometimes...they do...)

Residents are physically deported from their homes

AFSI deplores this situation and,"continues to support all efforts to help the refugees rebuild their lives. It is especially crucial on this anniversary that we affirm NEVER AGAIN will Israel turn brother against brother in destroying Jewish communities." 

Petition For Jewish Rights In JerusalemAnd Judea & Samaria

1.   In 1917, the Balfour Declaration stated that a homeland for the Jewish people should be re-established in the lands of biblical Israel (an area including Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.)  This was confirmed by the League of Nations in 1922 and the U.N. Charter.
 2. The Arab nations rejected the U.N. plan and in 1948 invaded the new Jewish State, inciting the local Arab population to flee and thus creating the artificial “refugee problem.”
 3.  From 1948-1967 Jordan illegally occupied Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem desecrating and destroying Jewish and Christian religious sites and barring Jews from their historic homeland.
 4.  In 1967 Jordan invaded Israel.  Israel fought a successful defensive war in which it reacquired its original sovereignty over Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem, reestablishing Jerusalem as its eternal, undivided capital, a fact recognized by the U.S. Congress in 1995.
We, the undersigned, request that the U.S. government support the right of Jews to live anywhere in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria;
Furthermore, we request that the U.S. government fulfill the legislation overwhelmingly passed in December, 1995 supporting Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of Israel and move the U.S. Embassy there, and further request that the President stop invoking the national security waiver to prevent the Embassy's relocation to Jerusalem.

And if your are in NYC, July 26, 2011, at the UN the most heinous of crimes is on the agenda (with the aide of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Janet Lehr reports:

JULY 13, 2011  14th Tammuz 5771  OBAMA-HILLARY PERFIDY


"On July 11, President Barack Obama invited the other members of the Quartet-Russia, the UN, and the EU-as well as representatives from China and the Arab League, to the White House for a summit on Israel. Following the meetings, a dinner that lasted over two hours was held for the
participants. Did you hear a word about it in the media? I certainly didn't.

The White House had imposed a media ban on the event. U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted the dinner. 

I am hard-pressed to find a time in American history when a trusted ally was ever treated so shabbily. Israel is the best friend America has and to NOT invite Israel to a summit which will affect her future-and the future of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria-is evil. 

Why has President Obama not convened a summit on Iran, a country whose leaders are determined to wipe Israel from the map? It's simple; he believes that Israel is the second greatest destabilization force in the Middle East after Al Qaeda. He made this clear in his Cairo speech,  "The second major source of tension that we need to discuss is the situation between Israelis, Palestinians, and the Arab world."

In approximately two weeks, on July 26, the United Nations Security Council will hold an open "debate" on whether or not Israel's land will be seized in September and Jerusalem divided by the establishment of a Palestinian state. This would be done without negotiation or approval from Israel

Spokespersons from the Arab League have stated they will seek UN membership for a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and with East Jerusalem as its capital.  We must stand with Israel now against this evil plan. According to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, "President Obama says he wants to see an independent Palestinian state by September." This indicates that Mr. Obama may not veto this blatant land grab. No wonder Palestinian leaders are so confident of success that they are willing to seize the moment. 

It is highly likely that Israeli leaders would refuse to recognize the UN move and decline to forfeit their land. 

The Palestinians would probably declare war on Israel with the whole world lining up on their side. As of today, 116 of the 192 UN member states are willing to recognize a Palestinian state. ..and it goes on."

And THIS, from a recent Arab Festival in Manhattan, the Arab-Fakestinian message roars on:

 DSCN3002 copy

 DSCN3027 copy

DSCN3018 copy

DSCN3014 copy

 For those living outside the NYC area, it was suggested that a comparable event IN SUPPORT OF GUSH KATIF could be organized in your community.  

 Recommended reading:

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Please contact AFSI with any questions or comments. (


Orfan said...

Thank you so much for this post! I remember standing with the women during the rallys prior to the expulsion. You can't believe the serenity of the people and the beauty of their towns unless you were there. It is still unfathomable that our own government performed such an evil, wicked act! Israel will not survive another expulsion--this time of 600,000 people--we will not stand for it. Time for all good people to say No More Terror--No More Land for Terror--Never Again!

Red Squirrel (Pamela Hall) said...

Very sad days lie ahead, I fear. Praying there are no more Gush Katifs!