Thursday, March 24, 2011

Charlie Rangel Hangs with Anti-American Leftists in Times Square

The Recruitment Station. Military Island.

Times Square. March 19, 2011.


Familiar anti-American, Marxist, Sedition-Loving Hate-Mongers gathered in Times Square (without informing the police, of course) to preach-to -the-choir (and the unsuspecting tourists passing-by) .

 DSCN8996 copy

DSCN9006 copy

Their dogma of hatred for the United States and Israel brought out the expected kefiyas, even though we didn't see any From the River to the Sea mantras, we did see this gem.

DSCN9100 copy

Whose Bombs? Whose weddings?? Guess, the kefiya are loud enough for those in-the- know.

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It's all about fooling those unsuspecting tourists and sycophant journos. One ploy is to bring out the "American" Flag ...


And the bizarre Vets for Peace

 DSCN9017 copy

For some, that's all it takes to erase who these Leftards really are, Marxists who hold a seething hatred for all things American and the gullible actually accept their bubble-gum propaganda as the truth.

DSCN9029 copy

DSCN9080 copy

Not sure what this sign means (any thoughts?)

DSCN9080 copy2

The Grannies cunningly engage those who pass-by with their oh-so-sweet demeanor.


DSCN9011 copy

After all, these are GRANNIES! (Poised to rip out the heart of America.)

 DSCN9054 copy

Creating a new GLOBAL America. Change.

DSCN9044 copy

And the main attraction was disgraced Democrat Congressman, Charlie Rangel.

DSCN8992 copy

Rangel, in spite of the 13 counts of ethical charges brought against him by his colleagues in the House, was treated like a rock star by these adoring lefties. The media LOVES him.

DSCN9005 copy

 At 80, he is still a vibrantly handsome man with a charming smile so many who passed-by or paused to listen may not have grasped the content of his message(s). (He hit more than one topic)  Better to listen than to write a re-cap for when it comes to our country, our men and women in uniform, Charlie was for/then against/ then for our men and women in uniform.

Charlie's very upset with our current POTUS for by-passing Congress. Complains of impropriety, yet he hangs easily with these adoring anti-war, traitorous Marxists.

One of his questionable chums in challenging Obama is Elaine Brower of the vile, IMPROPER  anti-American "World Can't Wait". But, we find it even more interesting that Suzie (Medea) Benjamin of Code Pinkos, on O'Reilly (of all places), agreed with Bill(!) that this Nobel Peace Prize winning  Prez is causing havoc through out the Middle East.

An up-side-down world, compliments of the current POTUS. But never fear, these are hard-core lefties. They will never let go of this favorite mantra, BUSHIES WAR(S).

DSCN9079 copy

Caught in a time-warp where things never change:

DSCN9047 copy

Shame on you, Charlie. You should choose your 'friends' more carefully. Not a bunch of elderly Marxists and their off-spring.

 DSCN9003 copy

DSCN9010 copy

Gathered like pre-schoolers to sing coy anti-war-songs and then walkedin a circle so they could claim they "marched" against the war in Afghanistan. Pathetic.

DSCN9063 copy

Happy, Happy Commies all. Encouraging sedition.

DSCN9032 copy

Pretending that they own the franchise on caring about The People


From Kate Anne's sign below, you'd think she was some mild-mannered lady, caring about the little people. But, a couple of years ago in Foley Square, when I asked Kate Anne how she felt about the torture of Cubans, she whacked me.  

The 'tell' of a true Marxist? SELECTIVE caring, as we all know.

DSCN9086 copy

Polluting Times Square on a cold and blustery March afternoon.

DSCN9091 copy

Side Note: This favorite location for anti-American protests, used to have a LARGE and VERY TALL flag and flag-pole here.

  But, on  Sunday, August 17, 2008 an out of control taxi driven by Hafiz Ishaq, took out the flagpole, injured some pedestrians AND the flag was NO more. Even though the Armed Force Recruiting Station in Times Square has been a part of New York City since 1946, it was in 1950 that Borough President Robert Wagner granted the Armed Forces indefinite use of the land free of rent. 

The building was renovated and re-dedicated in 1999 and still sits on that small traffic island between Broadway and 7th Avenue BUT, since 2008, without an American Flag "Front and Center."

 At the time, I asked the police, "Wasn't the flag-pole to be replaced?,  as I noticed the base being removed, the answer was ,"NO."
I said, "WHY?" No answer.

Could this be another Bloomberg-Sadik-Khan 'improvement' ?

No American Flag flies over Military Island.

In Times Square?


Shame, Shame on you,  Mr. "Third Term ONLY for ME" Bloomberg.

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