Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Day "NYC-Style" 11-02-10

November 2, 2010. New York City....Election Day....And it's politics as usual. ......So we had some fun Election Day as we caught the union tools electioneering within in 100 feet of the polls in mid-town Manhattan.

NYC unions and Workers Party "tools" came out to play...

We kept finding them ignoring the 'not with-in' 100 feet law. 


So we notified the police at three polling places.
They played-dumb and then 'moved-on' when the police showed up...
Just to resurface close-by (of course)....


Found lots of their election pamphlets in the trash. 
Sometimes piles of them.

Guess some of those 'workers' didn't feel like doing their 'job' 

Meanwhile, ain't life grand as Republicans take control of the the House of Representatives!! 

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