Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Peaceful Protest at the Ground Zero Mosque(June 25, 2010) and more….

On June 25, 2010 , concerned citizens held a peaceful protest outside the Ground Zero Mosque (the former Burlington Coat Factory). Everyone inside and out was polite (except for the mosque security-thugs). The message from the citizens... build your mosque somewhere else not on sacred ground. Finally, after their prayers, some of the Muslims spoke with the peaceful protestors. However, as the video reveals, they remained perplexed as to why this location for a mosque is offensive to those who had friends and family murdered by 19 Muslim terrorists on 9-11.





Perhaps Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has much bigger plans for this mega mosque at Ground Zero. Bridge-Building? Financed by whom? Da'wah Central and conversions....

Feisal Abdul Rauf

His 'out-reach' to the community might not be about lovely community rooms and swimming pools. His Cordoba "Community Center" and those da'wah bridges just might "welcome" lots more converts like Allison Poole El Gamal. She's the former Baptist-Muslim Convert who spoke lots of da'wah and taqiyya at the Community Board 1 meeting on May 25 in Lower Manhattan.



Interesting that CNN just happened to cover Allison's conversion . Her Imam was, of course, was Imam Rauf.

Is this our future?

What more could the Great Imam hope for, as he continues his father's legacy, leading the infidels to his new Islamic Center and to convert...convert...convert. Perhaps it will even grow into a mega-mosque just like the house his father built on E. 95th street

A very big mega-mosque with a very TALL minaret. Maybe we can look forward to the same at Ground Zero ?


But, first they'll have to tear down the factory with the 9-11 plane debris and most likely the remains of those murdered by the Muslim Terrorists

But, Daisy Kahn, wife of the Imam, thinks this is no 'big deal'

No big deal, huh? Peaceful Christian missionaries are arrested on the streets of America because they are too close to a Muslim Festival.


And bus ads that offer refuge to Muslims who have left Islam are challenged and removed from busses and taxis because they 'offend' Muslims? (Guess that's a 'Big Deal") What happened to freedom of speech in America? Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs would like to know.

Muslims have placed their own ads on busses saying "Why Islam"?

And ads on subways saying, "Islam? You Deserve to Know"...

And atheists have proclaimed on city bus ads "You don't have to believe in God to be a moral or ethical person". Is no one is offended ? What gives?

Once the Cordoba" Community Center" is built will there be lots more rules, rules, rules (like in Dearborn) about what we can't do on a public street (because it might offend a Muslim? ) We must no longer remain silent. This outrage must be stopped. Let the TRUTH be told and say "NO to a Mosque on Ground Zero!"

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