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Tea Party at Capitol plus Invasion of Code Pinkos and the Red Menace"

On March 20, 2010, the Tea Party "Kill The Bill" Rally came to Washington. Statistics range from 10,000 to 30,000. Whatever the final count it was a fabulous turnout (arranged in approximately 24 hours) A Code Red Alert was called and the citizens rallied!


We covered not only the Tea Party in front of the Capitol but the continuation that traveled to the front of the Rayburn building. This whole action was packed with citizens who were strong, motivated, passionate and possibly a tad edgier than previous gatherings. It's difficult to keep a smile-on-your-face when the Demon-crats are sticking it to America.


Our message is loud and clear, Kill the Bill and now that this socialist debacle is passed, come November of 2010 we will be even more determined to Take Back America!



We started the morning with the Gathering of Eagles at the Viet Nam war memorial.



And then there were the anti- War Leftists. T
hese Lefties offended as usual by showing appalling disrespect for the Washington Monument. Here we also found what was rumored to Cindy Sheehan's "Camp" No War.



These were the Anti-War Leftists who had planned a march on the Capitol but it was nixed by the DC police because of the Tea Party Rally. Since their event had been announced first, that's a BIG one for US! However, the offensive fake cemetery that they built on the grounds of the Washington Monument and then named called Arlington Mid West was a nauseating display of Lefty arrogance and insensitivity to our men and women who have served and died for our country.


Here's a video of the fake Arlington and Camp No War

Nearby, a small but loyal group of patriots from the Gathering of Eagles placed themselves at the Viet Nam War Memorial to protect it from these above mentioned Anti- War Leftists.



We understand that the outreach to those passing by was productive and may have even turned a few heads away from the anti-America propaganda that's been forced on recent generations. And, of course, there were a couple of groups of potential Lefty "mischief" makers who turned-tail and 'ran' because the Eagles were on-watch. Bravo!

Slide show of a few more pictures of Eagles and the Viet Nam War Memorial:

Now on to the Capitol. We arrived about an hour in to the rally....the crowd was huge and still growing. It will always be under-estimated by the MSM but pictures and video will reveal (again) that the turn-out was certainly more than the couple of thousand the MSM they claimed (that's if 'they' even bothered to report on the Tea Party Rally).



The pictures and video show lots of great signs, high spirits and loads of determination that will carry us all forward in to the voting booths of 2010.


Slide Show of Rally at the Capitol Building

Video Code Red Alert on Capitol Lawn
(video may still be processing)

Slide show of some snapshots lifted from the video:

Next,before heading over to the Rayburn building, what to my 'wondering' eyes should appear, but a miniature was Suzie Benjamin. The Code Pinko Commie who admires Chavez, Ah'jad and even had TEA with Castro.


There' s NO tyrant she doesn't admire (why else change your name from Suzie to Medea ...the mother of all child killers). Chanting "Medicare for all" she and her associates strolled across the grassy lawn of the Capitol. (see Video posted below)


Some noticed who she was right away. Others were confused and still others were a part of her favorite sport: rehearsed street-theatre "confrontation". AND then there was the attack of the Red Menace. She's NOT one of 'ours' that's for sure and after she assaulted me...attacked me with a very hard metal yellow bell.


red 1

This attack was unprovoked. She simply spun on herself while I was filming and swung at me, full bore, aiming for my head. Wouldn't you think by then some police would have made an appearance. Red" was after blood. It was in her eyes. She came after me two more times have her initial attack Why the police permitted this Code Pinko display and the attack of the Red Menace to continue is odd...very odd. The first police we found (and there weren't even that many) was in front of the Rayburn building. Which is the final lap of this report.

Slide show of Code Pinkos and Washington Monument Antiwar display.

At the the Rayburn Building, a robust crowd of mad-as-hell patriots were on both side of the street but the police seemed to be holding the crowd back ...not letting any more cross to the Rayburn side.



We did manage to catch on video a rush of citizenry at one point as they pushed through the Rayburn side (to the frustration of the police). video may still be processing...

BTW- contrary to lies rumored by the Left, what was chanted by this crowd had nothing to do with racist slurs. The chant of the day was Kill the Bill...over and over and over.

Slide show of Rayburn Building is next:

We did good. Look forward .Don't give up. We can and will Take Back America in 2010!


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