Thursday, September 17, 2009


Eat your heart out Obama! We got the numbers, cause America, she WOKE UP!Eyes wide open...

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AMERICA came to Washington to remind Hussein-Obama, Pelosi-Reid and Company: You work for US.

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And in 2010. 2012... We can CHANGE America BACK to what made her Great!

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We are going to Take Back America!

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We took TONS of pictures. And will start posting them a few at a time.

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Linking to batch one here in the slide show.

It's fun to catch the t-shirts, flags and signs that tally up the different States the came to Washington, to see the sleeping giant AWAKE at last!

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so many that the march had to start an hour and half early. SO MANY people that the crowds of the peacefully assembled...this 'mob' filled every inch of Pennsylvania as they marched to the Capitol.

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There, they spilled over left and right of the Capitol, and all around the pool and then continued on to the mall towards the Washington Monument.

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However, if you were watching CNN...all you saw was their 2 busses pulled up to block the view of the crowds...showing only a view of the Capitol.

CNN truck was used to block view of crowd for their cameras

COWARDS and the Communist News Network...true to form, just can't handle reporting the TRUTH.... (will post those pictures later)

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Slide show is here for the second batch:

More to come as well as video!


Unknown said...

I live in Sweden and I love the system here. Obama's plan isn't even close to socialism. People voted for him bc they wanted some changes. Why not let him help? He is a smart leader and his ideas are good, but he needs people to support him for his ideas to work. These people in the photos need to wake up and realize that a few changes are not so bad. :)

afone2 said...

Just drink the purple Kool-Aid --
It won't hurt a bit...