Monday, July 6, 2009

Gathering of Eagles at West Point- Fourth of July Parade (2009) Part 2-Video and Pictures

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DSCN4741 rev

Eagles heading to the parade line-up

DSCN4611 rev

DSCN4671 rev

DSCN4647 rev

DSCN4675 rev

DSCN4639 rev

DSCN4641 rev

DSCN4684 rev

Hurry up and wait...

DSCN4627 rev

DSCN4623 rev

DSCN4714 rev

DSCN4729 rev

DSCN4731 rev

Let the Parade Begin!

DSCN4717 rev

DSCN4730 rev

DSCN4736 rev

DSCN4710 rev

DSCN4711 rev

DSCN4626 rev

Video of the parade (in 2 parts)

Part 1

Part 2

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