Saturday, November 1, 2008

ObamaSatan and his Zombies Halloween in NYC

The Squirrel Brigade found lots of nuts Halloween...but their favorite was ObamaSatan and his Zombies! Get a taste of some of the Halloween parade in the East Village and then follow ObamaSatan and his Zombies as they join the parade:They Drank the Kool-Aid!

BTW- in the daily motion menu bottom right and you will get a better resolution when you choose original size for the player.

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to see more pictures from the Halloween/Zombie parade.


911 Family said...

Nobama NEVER looked better. This is the real deal if ever I saw it. WAKE UP AMERICANS A vote for Nobama is a vote to sell your soul for MONEY... MONEY... MORE MONEY For Nobama and his Zombies.

OPEN UR EYES! THE CHANGE YOU SEEK WILL BE THE CHANGE IN YOUR POCKET. Just the way NaziPelosi promised lower gas prices and we have been paying DOUBLE. Now OPEC has lowered the price of oil because of the mess the Democrats made with Frannie & Freedie.

I pray Nobama does not win because if he does, you can bet the change in your pocket OIL will miraculously GO UP AGAIN.

Will Americans never learn?

Homeopathy Works said...

A disturbing image - and true...
A man who will murder babies has no moral compass and therefore is capable of any atrocity.
Stealing an election is a day's work for this man. Heaven help us - with a landslide for Senator McCain!

tracyJ said...

FYI- ObamaSatan and his Zombies show up at about 3 min 50 sec in the video

Unknown said...

Love it. Sadly those idiots in the crowd were not cheering. And sadly the evil that is the liberal left has descended upon America's highest position with the Senate and House being controlled by them as well. We are in for a horrible time and I woul d not be surprised if this was the big spark that ignited the beginning of the fulfillment of the end time prophecies in Revelation.