Friday, September 12, 2008

9-11 Truthers offend as usual at Ground Zero...9-11-08

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade found some juicy Nuts at Ground Zero on 9-11. A day to remember those murdered by terrorists and yet...there they were...the 9-11 Truth Nut-Jobs who crawled out of their holes to drone on and on about conspiracies.

One solid American pressed the Real Truth to the Loonatic Fringe...


Earlier in the afternoon...The Brigade happened upon another guy who loved to hear himself talk...

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Anne Webb said...

This rat was standing on precious grounds of Ground Zero?! Just the privilege alone in having the opportunity at the expense of our soldiers that bled and died in the name of FREEDOM and those that died on 911 of whom had to sacrifice their lives in the name of STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, still DOES NOT EXEMPT HIM FROM DISHONORING THE MOST HONORED AMERICANS!!!!!........................He needs to draft himself into the knowledge of common sense and decency!!!!!!
FOOL GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!