Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day- aka Commie Day - NYC 2011

Marxists, Socialists, Leftist Union members and their leaders;Illegals, Free-Mumia and Lynn Stewart anarchists as well as Fakestinian supporters ... these bottom feeders came together at Union Square to rant about the EVILS of America (in SPANISH mostly) And In English, when  they added the bizarre "This is what Democracy Looks Like" chant before they would go back to Spanish.

After about an hour, these tools walked to Foley Square and continued their America hate-fest.

It was great to see members of NY-ICE bravely and confidently counter this offensive Marxist Recruitment Day as they proudly walked the American flag (and the Arizona flag)past these anarchists at Foley Square. The hate America so much, they went insane when they saw our Patriots and the flags (and their great signs) Some of this is included near the end of the video.

Will do a more complete report on our Patriots next post....

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