Friday, October 21, 2016

Haiti asks Clintons "WHERE'S the Billions"

The NYC Haitian Community (& allies) held a  press conference (of sorts) to "denounce Schneiderman`s double standard in deciding to persecute the Trump Foundation for fraud while ignoring the lack of audits and  billions `missing` from the Clinton Foundation." They demand the Clinton's return BILLIONS stolen from Haiti.

Thursday, October 6, 2016 from 3:00 to 4:00pm outside New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's NYC Office (at 120 Broadway)

"Schneiderman is clearly abusing the authority of his office to tilt the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US presidential elections."

From KOMOKODA (the Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti)

"Our community has been protesting, for 2 years now, in front of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary`s offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as Bill Clinton`s Harlem office; to let the world know of the crimes this family has committed in our country. They used `poor`Haiti as a conduit to launder funds into their foundation accounts."

"The Clintons gave lucrative no bid contracts for Haiti earthquake cleanup, reconstruction and housing to cronies who in turn gave them high-priced speeches and `donated` to their foundation.

They imposed Michel `Sweet Micky` Martelly, a degenerate crackhead as President of our country to ensure that the Haitian Government wouldn't call them out on their crimes."
"The complicity of mainstream and even some so-called progressive media in this charade is disgusting. We demand that the different branches of US federal and local governments stop this blatant cover up of the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family."

WHO were these protestors - I'm confused because  Lynn Stewart's husband,
Ralph Poynter, was handing out flyers. Workers World? and Democracy Now?

An eclectic crew this day that seems to agree on exposing Clinton but do they
ALL support TRUMP. (probably not)

Participants included Ralph Poynter - activist & community organizer, Betty Davis; civil rights activist and writer Arvind Kumar;  Frank Francois, community activist and Green Party candidate for US Congress in the 5th District and writer- investor, Charles Ortel,whose investigations revealed financial fraud at General Electric and AIG.

(click picture below to access slideshow of the protest)

An excerpted message from writer/investor Charles Ortel

"With Haiti and her wonderful people under assault again, it should grieve all Americans that Bill Clinton and his false-front network pretending to be "charity" refuses to account for billions of dollars in missing aid money. What kind of people divert rescue funds from poor neighbors who share so many common bonds? The people of Haiti deserve a bright future... Thank you for prodding Americans to do the right thing, for exposing Clinton family disaster cronyism and for your fortitude.

Arvind Kumar
Hindu activist / writer was holding rallies FOR TRUMP in Philly. [(American Rally For Trump]

Protest message from Arvind Kumar:

People of Indian descent stand with the people of Haiti in opposing the Clinton Foundation. We are aware of the Clinton Foundation's shenanigans as they have attempted to interfere in Indian politics. Sant Chatwal who was the trustee of the Clinton Foundation was wanted for committing a crime in India and was guilty of corruption in the US. His son Vikram Chatwal was arrested for trafficking drugs. Soon after Hillary Clinton became the Secretary of State, Vikram Chatwal donated a large sum of money to a person in India who manufactured "human rights" reports against India but which were aligned with Hillary Clinton's anti-India agenda. Chatwal's name also came up in what was known as the cash for votes scam in India.

Writer Roger Stone
was on hand for awhile (and Dr. James Corsi arrived after I left)

Dahoud Andre for KOMOKODA

*At the time we are sending this email the Haitian Government has upgraded the death toll from Hurricane Matthew to 283. We have to note that the authorities have yet to reach some severely affected areas of the country. As unbelievable as it sounds Bill Clinton has published a tweet directing people wishing to help Haiti in the aftermath of the hurricane to donate to the Clinton Foundation and their network of crooks in Haiti.  [....] we would like to thank all well meaning people who have expressed their concerns and positive vibrations toward our people with regard to Hurricane Matthew which has ravaged the Southern parts of Haiti. [...] We thank everyone who is eager to make a donation but given our experience with international NGO’s such as the Red Cross and the Clinton Foundation stealing moneys donated to help our people, we ask people not to repeat the same mistake they made in the past.


"KOMOKODA [to]AG Schneiderman [...] As a member of Hillary Clinton’s Leadership Council for NY State and as someone who has campaigned and donated the maximum allowed ($2700) to Clinton [...] if he was not going to go after the Clinton Foundation, the proper thing would have been to leave the Trump Foundation alone as well ... the Haitian people... have no idea what they have done with all the billions meant to help Haiti that have been in their charge: Secretary of State Hillary’s control of all USAID money, Bill’s UN Special Envoy money, Bill’s Interim Haiti Recovery Commission money, Bill’s Clinton-Bush Fund money, and of course their Clinton Foundation money.

....the Clinton Foundation .... collects billions on behalf of poor non-white
people all over the world
; keeps billions for themselves and spends a few million on silly projects that will never allow their victims to get on their feet.[...]  This Foundation is no more than a channel for the Clintons to enrich themselves, keep those loyal to them employed and amass a war chest so they can stay in power and out of jail.

 We are telling the American people that[....] in this race Donald Trump is the lesser evil facing the US and humanity today.

Just like the people of England did with their Brexit, we hope that on Tuesday Nov. 8th, the American people will slap their establishment in the face and stop Hillary Clinton with a vote Donald Trump. "

 The REAL Hillary exposed still remains in reach of the presidency.

Daniel Greenfield:

"Even when the Clinton Foundation tried to perform its good deed for the
year, it cut corners on charity to keep up its core mission of getting Hillary into the White House.
It shipped AIDS medicines that had been banned in the United States to the Third World. Haitians protested outside Hillary’s office over the millions that had been raised for Haiti, but got funneled to Hillary pals like Warren Buffett instead.

The Clintons are attracted to corruption the way that flies are drawn to offal. The media can spot no flies on Hillary. Its fact checkers excuse every scandal. They even invent a positive spin for a fly landing on her. The ordinary fly visiting Hillary may hold no special meaning. But, flies are notoriously attracted to rotting things. And no political figures in this country are as rotten to the core as the Clintons."

Hillary skates on charge after charge.
No matter how many laws they break.

Wake Up, America!

Dinesh Dsouza - Haiti and the Clintons
Brietbart - Bill & the Clinton Foundation

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Netanyahu & Kissinger "WAR Criminals Protest" Plaza Hotel [9-22-16]

Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, 5:30 pm - NY's Plaza Hotel

A protest organized by Jewish Voice For Peace, co-sponsored by Code Pinkos and Adalah NY and joined by World Can't Wait. The protestors ranted and chanted:
Irate that Netanyahu was receiving an award from the "right-wing" Hudson Institute, they marched in front of the hotel with their versions of Netanyahu's awards.

"The 10-year, $38 billion military aid package signed between the two countries earlier the month and opposition to efforts to boycott Israel. " (Facebook photo by Neha Sood)

Three short videos:

The protestors carried smarmy signs like, "Natural Born Killers" (click on picture to flip through slide show)

And banners that declared Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to be a WAR Criminal.

From the protest announcement:

"Come show the world that we do no see these individuals as heroes--but rather as criminals. Come show these war criminals that New Yorkers of conscience will not stand by while they prance around our city and pat each other on the back for their misdeeds. We will present "Bibi" with our OWN awards--ones that expose his crimes and vile behavior"

Join us as we raise our voices against Netanyahu's regime of human rights abuses. Come show the world that New Yorkers of conscience do not welcome Netanyahu. We will present him with our own award, one that sheds light on the rights violations of the Israeli government.

Later, on Saturday, the anti-Bibi protest continued "on Broadway":
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was booed and met with cries of 'Free Palestine' after going to watch the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton".

Melanie Colton tweeted: 'At Hamilton... two women entered the Richard Rodgers Theater screaming, 'Free Palestine!' They were "escorted" out of the theatre after trying to shove their way through Netanyahu's heavy security.
Mondoweiss eagerly posted "Now he’s “Boo Boo!” Netanyahu!"
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was booed and met with cries of 'Free Palestine' after going to watch hit Broadway musical Hamilton in New York
FACT: It was NOT the whole audience -  just TWO women - most likely CODE Pinkos (picture from Mark Young twitter)

Back to the Plaza.
Kissinger attended the banquet so, of course, he was the focus of a War Criminal QUIZ (click picture to enlarge)
Found this protest plea, promoting their UN- type nonsense:
Google, Inc: GOOGLE: Put Palestine On Your Maps!
20,333 signatures are still needed! Sign this petition on
Smug. Cocky. And SO wrong!
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Saturday, October 8, 2016

NYC Muslim Parade 2016 "One Umma , For God and Country"

The 31st Annual Muslim Day Parade (Sept. 25, 2016)
"One Umma - For God and Country.”
Nine years ago I first covered this annual Muslim "parade with no audience"
('cause anyone interested is IN the parade).
Even so , "Takbir's" and "Allahu Akbar's" would ring through the air.
Block after block. Down Madison Ave
Madison Avenue -from 38th to 26th St-
Starting around 2011, five years ago, a Turkish Muslim Day Street Festival
was held just a few blocks west of the of the "26th annual Muslim Day Parade"
(at the same time as the Muzzie Parade)  Was this as a mistake of timing?
Or a reason for the diminishing parade.

Turkish Days Street-Fest (Taste the Turkish Hospitality)
by celebrating the Great Seljuq Empire
DSCN5776 copy
Perhaps it was a red-flag denoting trouble amongst the Muslim factions.
(see Facebook nudge below, "We intend to bring 10,000...) Did NOT happen.

 This year's press conference stressed how difficult it is to be a Muslim - American, maybe they were trying to explain the missing groups. (Fear? Intimidation?)

VIDEO of press conference

Those who came out to celebrate were mostly Indonesian Muslims. I've noticed that the Indonesian women are often the ones in niqabs - not just hijabs.

                                 Some marched against abuse. (Hoping to end Sharia abuse?)
Will the Turk-undertaker, Erhan Yildirim, a respected Community Co-ordinator for the NYPD (seen on his phone below) educate the NYPD to fight (or to ignore) Sharia abuse? They'll probably learn that abuse is the problem, not Islam.

The Puerto Rican Muslim above,  wearing the "fakestinian" scarf, did a lot of talking with the press. Wonder if he would have been so chatty if asked about Sharia vs American Law.

OR is that not a POLITE question?)
Missing were the many colorful multi-ethnic costumes and hijabs BUT, these two  new participants on the sidelines, were peaceful protestors with a serious message.

The woman on the left said her father, a NYC fireman, died in the Twin Towers


As for the many Indonesian groups, they added lots of color by  carrying (and wearing)
an abundance of American flags along with their "Peace for All/Justice for All" signs.

With so few Muslim schools and masjids marching,
this intimate parade
was spread out, with huge gaps between groups.

(see my parade VIDEO for the distaff marchers)

There were children .....            AND       hijabs and niqabs ...

(Lots of niqabs)
LOTS of American flags marching for "One Umma - God and Country"
And an abundance of  "Peace Roses"  for the people 'watching' on the sidelines.

 Such a beautiful child. With a Peace Rose and Old Glory....

But, FIRST, BEFORE the parade kicked-off, there was the zuhr prayer - at 1 pm

With the women kneeling behind the men...

Madison Avenue, once again, converted into a very public masjid. (see VIDEO next)

Then we marched, lead by the NYPD Marching Band (No mounted color guard this year)

Lots of NYC Muslim officers  carried  banners for each group. One NYPD banner seemed WAY too religious. (What if that had been a BIBLE instead of a Quran?)

The parade marshals I'd seen before, except for this year's Grand Marshal, Khazir Khan.
Khan is the Pakistani Muslim-American father of
United States Army Capt. Humayun Khan
, killed in Iraq in 2004.
Khan walked with celeb, Russell Simmons and Imam Shamsi Ali. However, the  politicians did NOT march down Madison Ave.  They joined up at the END of the parade - for photo ops . Like David Weprin (NY State Assemblyman). Wonder why he didn't march. 

Many of the usual political faces were missing: Linda Sarsour (running for office soon, I hear), Debbie Almontaser, Rabbi Michael Feinberg and his Leftie Jewish associates. Councilman Jackson (a Muslim revert) and Marxist loving, Charles Barron.

10,000 in attendance? Not as they marched. (Or prayed)
       Nor when they assembled to hear the speakers at the end of the parade (26th St to 25th St )

(BTW- New this year- the merchant booths were in a  short  block going  east on 26th St)

Found an interesting article about  Imam Shamsi Ali? Ali is an Indonesian Muslim who, in 2o11,  was"fired" from the the Islamic Cultural Center on 96th Street . Did the parade shrink because of Ali and a religious conflict on how to be a (moderate) Muslim-American?

Shamsi Ali: The rise and fall of a New York imam
"An imam once regarded as one of New York's leading religious figures had a sudden fall from grace. So what does the story of one man's attempt to adapt Islam to modern America tell us, asks Sune Engel Rasmussen.
Before the controversy that cut him down, Shamsi Ali was the leading figure of moderate Islam in New York, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

For a decade, the biggest mosque in New York, the Islamic Cultural Center on 96th Street in East Harlem, was his stage. Here, the diminutive Indonesian with a brusque demeanour praised democracy and vigorously condemned extremism, to thousands of worshippers. Outside the mosque, he taught the FBI and congressmen in Washington about inter-religious co-existence.

He befriended presidents too. In the days after 11 September 2001, the city of New York picked him to represent the Muslim community on President George W Bush's interfaith visit to Ground Zero. Another president, Bill Clinton, wrote the foreword to the new memoir, Sons Of Abraham, that Ali co-authored with a Jewish rabbi he counts among his close friends.

Although many of his conservative peers interpret the Koran to prohibit the use of music, Ali listens to rap and hangs out with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. He even shrugs, disinterested, at cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

In short, Shamsi Ali is the Muslim that liberal America wants. But he is not the leader all New York's Muslims want. Ali is a divisive figure in New York's Islamic community, and two years ago, the same mosque that gave him a platform to grow influential and popular, suddenly pulled the rug from under him."
 "How to be a Muslim- American"...  Who is winning? ... (Who is losing?).... Can we tell?

As usual, there were a couple of non-Muslim factions marching. About 6 people from a multi-faith group of Christians and Jews (Expecting Miracles) With two familiar hard-core lefties who always march for "fakestine".

Since it's considered unseemly to conflate Islam (the Religion of "Peace") with anything negative ...  They (and the press) "negate the negative" with  lots of dawah; community and inter-faith outreach with the ubiquitous memes like:  "Muslim-Americans want PEACE." They support "God and Country."

The news coverage of the 2016 parade focused on "One Umma, For God and Country.... and a Desire to Show Dedication to God and U.S."  (As did a couple of speakers) Guess there's nothing like a Live Rap duet video (from Muslim Day Parade Facebook page) to say "I am a Muslim-American". [This leads to a time coded excerpted transcript of live feed) Imam Shamsi Ali said it was important to show "there’s no contradiction between being a good American and a good Muslim at a time when some people are conflating the actions of terrorists with Islam. “Inherently American values and Islamic values are in line,” he said. “It is about democracy, it is about freedom, it is about religious tolerance, it is about working together with all people. Justice for all.”

Zaki Abdul from East Harlem said he [came out] to show what a large gathering of Muslims looks like. “Muslims generally are people of peace, those people who are really subscribed to Islam according to Islam, he said. “People should see that.”
Found this twitter post/picture of Khizr Khan speaking ....

Be part of interfaith activities, be part of the community and be part of the solution" Khizr Khan, Grand Marshal at the Muslim Day Parade

And from Pamela Geller, who is very much a PART of the solution.

The coming year is a momentous one. It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good if the forces of evil have their way in the coming Presidential election. The order of the world, the future of freedom hangs in the balance. The choice could not be more stark or vastly different. Statism vs. individualism. Freedom vs. slavery. Civilization vs. savagery."

The facts - the truth- ignored - denied.
"It’s been ten days since Eric Lichtblau published his piece about the “under-reporting” of attacks on Muslims. How many attacks on Muslims by non-Muslims in this country have there been in that time? None. And how many attacks on non-Muslims by Muslims have there been in the same time?
And as for under-reporting on a monumental scale, it is only thanks to a leak that we all learned, a few days ago, that in one year the FBI had 7,712 “terrorist encounters.” None of them were reported to the American public until now."
And more - from Facebook :
"Islam is not a religion but an ideology which incites hate, violence, intolerance and terror. Islamists are terminators. You cannot bargain with them. You cannot reason with them. They do not feel pity or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until all the infidels are dead or have submitted to Islam. The only language the Islamists understand is the language of force."
truth is the new hate speech geller
The TRUTH ..... it's a terrible thing to waste!

My four Flickr slide shows (click picture to access)

Part 2 - The Prayers

Part 3 - The Parade

Part 4 - The end of the Parade 


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