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al quds “day of rage” and LIES – nyc ( 2014) pics & vids

al quds "day of rage" and LIES - 2014- Times Square - nyc

The media war between Israel and Hamas was on full display on this annual 'day of rage'

(Please scroll down for the 7 videos and 2 slide shows which will show more)


al quds day creates many photo ops for a hungry media. Signs and fists held high for the cameras. And LIES ....  Hamas and its media allies never worry about their credibility. Only Israel must maintain its credibility.

DSC_4220 copy

DSC_4188 copy

TRUTH is the New Hate Speech
DSC_4074 copy

ANGRY FISTS jabbed in unison - 'nazi' fashion in protest-  'rage' against Israel
vid fist copy
 free free pali/from the river to sea /intifada chants cry for Death to Israel.  They do not chant nor jab these fists for peace and love.
fist salute vid 10  copy

Briefly, re the al quds  "day of rage" (and lies)

It was 33 years ago on 16th August 1979, on the first ramadan , after the victory of the islamic revolution. (imam) Khomeini inaugurated al quds day  as a day for solidarity with the oppressed in the world.... in particular the oppressed of Palestine.... a day for the weak and oppressed to confront the "arrogant powers" ...  al quds day ---a day-of-rage and LIES

I saw my first shia flag this year at the NYC al quds "day of rage" (and LIES)
DSC_4394 copy
Thanks to D.P and A.B. I got a translation:
 "Yā Qamar Banee Hāshim"
This means "O (full) moon of the Hashim Clan"
This is an honorary title of Abbas, the son of Alī
ISRAEL MUST DEFEND itself in this war between the CIVILIZED man and the SAVAGE
israel-620x217 crop
Bombs. Jihad. Terrorism.
Jihad  is a Death Machine
israel-620x217 crop 2
The propagandist and the thug work in tandem to destroy Israel.
sign vid 4
al quds day claims to support the oppressed in the world (in particular the fakestinians)
oppressed vid 14 copy
"Oppression"  "Israel is an apartheid State"  What about Jihad?
anon sign vid 15
a " dance of joy" ?
 DSC_4365 copy
Lies. photo-ops.
DSC_4152 copy
Take a closer look... at the hair ribbon well-placed. 
The fake baby held by a fake 'child' photo-op?
DSC_4152 copy2
They are consistent. Israel is EVIL.
DSC_4352 copy
Israel murders children.
DSC_4330 copy
The U.S. is EVIL
sign vid 16

JIHAD is the way. The "peaceful" struggle. The fakestinians claim the Holy Land is Muslim.

Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"  No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.

Israel flag flies 1 copy
But, for the Holy Land to belong to Islam, that requires the destruction of the Jewish people and their history
sign vid 12
Never was there a muslim country called palestine. Never had a king, a president or a culture . The Temple Mount is NOT muslim. It is NOT al aqsa...
banner march vid copy
Birds fly over the golden gate walls as the sunrises over the old city of jerusalem 
Tell a LIE often enough....there are those who swear the State of Israel is an apartheid state and it must be eliminated.
LIES  from the hard-core Leftist Jews (Socialists and Marxists)
DSC_4366 copy
The Anonymous Anarchists
vid sign 13copy
'Comrade" Ramsey Clark from the International Action Center (man of the people) spoke to the crowd...and took the subway home afterwards...
Ramsey Clark subway 2 copy
A Battle for the "EYE and the Heart" lies NOT in Mein Kampf, Das Kapital OR the Quran. We must challenge the Narrative.
vid sign6
This stalwart fellow met the challenge when he waved the Israeli flag at the protestors.
DSC_4100 copy
A young man walked through the crowd in an Israeli t-shirt
israel vid 8
One guy attempted to challenge an obnoxious 'palestinian' on 42nd street just before the march moved eastward  on the sidewalk. The Israeli supporter...
pro israel supporter vid
vs the obnoxious 'pali' supporter...
gaza guy yell 1
Challenge the Lies.

DSC_4164 copy
Speak out when offended. The Neteuri Karta is always on hand to confuse (and offend)
vid sign 17
Saw a guy walking his DOG in the al quds protest march (it wasn't a service dog). Did this not offend the muzzies? Guess not...but the Israeli flag did, for sure
dog vid 15
Saw a guy dragging the Israeli flag along the street with his foot. (see videos for more)
DSC_4309 copy
BTW- I saw this on-line. This was the fellow who used the Israeli flag to polish his shoes (and then threw it on the street.)
walk on flag.Still002


Thanks to AFDI  (American Freedom Defense Initiative) these truthful ads will be soon be on NYC streets -- Columbus Circle----

C O M I N G    T O   N E W   Y O R K   C I T Y
Urban panel IJH

Urban PAnel2 IJH

Urban panel IJH 3

"Israel is NOT a Racist State!"  Stop the Hate.

israel-620x217 crop 2

Israel and the Free World must prevail. Or be erased forever by the Sword....


Videos - play list - has 7 short videos


  TWO SLIDE SHOWS of pictures
Part 1

Part 2 (screen grabs from my videos)


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Protest "The MURDER of Leon Klinghoffer" : anti-Semitic Snuff Opera at the Met-NYC


DSC_4049 copy



"The Met is asking audiences to 'look for the humanity in the terrorists, asking people to accept them as 'men of ideals," "We cannot romanticize terrorists and idealize their evil executions. 

The vicious anti-Semitic libels that are contained in the libretto, and the historical revisionism of the Israeli/Arab war of 1948 are extremely offensive and dangerous at any time, but especially egregious today when terrorists are terrorizing and killing civilians world-wide."

photo 2 copy
Americans for a Safe Israel & JCC Lead the Demonstration
AFSI and JCC Watch, along with dozens of supporters, began the first of many demonstrations at the Metropolitan Opera protesting the 8 performances planned for the pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel opera THE DEATH (MURDER) OF KLINGHOFFER.

There were wheel chairs, signs, flags and flyers outside Lincoln Center Monday night, July 21.
DSC_3937 copy
  There was media [NY 1, CBS radio and Russian TV (RT), Arutz Sheva and Shalom TV]  filming and interviewing the demonstrators and later, other outlets picked up the story.
DSC_4020 copy
John Adams' opera is based on the 1985 hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro and the murder of disabled Jewish-American passenger Leon Klinghoffer. (The hi-jacking was by the PLO under direction of Yasser Arafat)

The Coalition to STOP Klinghoffer will continue to demonstrate every Wednesday night through the summer, culminating in a huge demonstration on Gala night, Sept. 22.

If the opera actually is performed, demonstrations will take place every night of a performance on  Oct. 20, 29, Nov. 5, 8, 11.

The Met has said it does not plan to cancel the performance. HOWEVER, the Met did, in fact, cancel plans for a simulcast of the opera around the world, which had been scheduled for Nov. 15.  (John) Adams blasted the decision to cancel the simulcast, saying the opera "in no form condones or promotes violence, terrorism or anti-Semitism."
"They take the issue of a horrible act of terrorism and there's a rationalization - a kind of equivalence, moral equivalence," Jacobsen said last month.

More from Helen Freedman of AFSI as to why they must educate the public about the rise of anti-Semitism that is behind this "Snuff" Opera:

While the war is raging in Gaza and Israel, we mourn with heavy hearts the terrible loss of our beloved Israeli brethren. We also note the increased anti-Semitism throughout Europe. France, Germany, Ireland, and even England report vicious anti-Jewish demonstrations.

There are also alarming things happening at home. Word has reached us of ADL hiring Islamist terrorist sympathizers as camp counselors, indoctrinating our young children against Israel and America. We also know that the White House is filled with Muslim sympathizers and activists. All of this is tunneling into America's fabric in the most subtle, but dangerous ways. Just as the Israelis are being attacked through an incredible network of underground tunnels which were being built over the past decade, so is America in danger from the Muslim subterranean network being built around us.
A Side Note :

The NYS Commission on Human Rights might be interested in the Met's violation of our rights with this opera. Their complaint line is: 212-306-7450.

Also, these protests might become moot issues if the unions working with the Met either strike or get locked out of the Opera House. July 31 is the decision day. We'll keep you posted.

SLIDESHOW of a few pictures:

Part 1 Video:

July 21, 2014. Outside Metropolitan Opera Part 1. CBS Radio interview Richard Allen and Helen Freedman of AFSI during the demonstration against the Snuff Opera that avoids the obvious: Klinghoffer was MURDERED by Muslim Terrorists because he was Jewish. "Do we cry for Terrorists or their victims?" Zero Tolerance for Racist Anti-Semitism.

Part 2 Video

July 21, 2014. Outside Metropolitan Opera Part 2. RT media interviewed Helen Freedman of AFSI during the demonstration against the Snuff Opera that avoids the obvious: Klinghoffer was MURDERERD by Muslim Terrorists because he was Jewish. "Do we cry for Terrorists or their victims?" Zero Tolerance for Racist Anti-Semitism.

 Heads up about another rally in support of Israel next Monday, July 28 -  NEW YORK STANDS WITH ISRAEL

Rally Monday, July 28th at 12:30 PM

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#NYC Loves Israel Rally-Times Sq (7-20-14) pics & vids

Times Square. July 20th, 2014. (please scroll down for slide shows and videos)

DSC_3864 copy

For a few hours, on Sunday July 20th, Times Square was alive with the JOY of Freedom-Loving People. THOUSANDS filled the streets and sidewalks in support of Israel....and that drives the anti-Semites crazy. There were bomb threats made against this peaceful rally.

Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 7.32.41 PM

While the many wars of Islam rage in the Middle East, NYC came together in support of Israel....and the Free World...demanding an end to the TERROR.

DSC_3798 copy

The somber realities of the IDF soldiers deaths that was preceded by the deaths of the three murdered teen-agers was ever present....

DSC_3855 copy2

That anyone should have to die, so that Israel can live free of terror is a situation forced on Israel. This was NOT a choice. Israel is under attack. Israel supports LIFE!

DSC_3747 copy

Freedom from tyranny and terror for everyone, no matter what their faith, is what we all fight for.
DSC_3707 copy

While under siege, the safety of ISRAEL and her citizens is on everyone's lips.
DSC_3884 copy

Safety and Freedom for all....
DSC_3826 copy

Islam denies Jewish history by destroying all evidence that the Jews ever existed. And the media blames the Jews of Israel for defending themselves. .
DSC_3879 copy

DSC_3891 copy

One World under Islam, the Umma, is their goal and Death to the Jews (to the Infidels) : It's in the KORAN.
DSC_3703 copy2

DSC_3885 copy

HAMAS  knows only WAR, DEATH and TERROR.  They will stop at nothing to rid the world of the Infidel, even killing their own children: It's IN the KORAN
DSC_3917 copy

DSC_3880 copy

DSC_3751 copy2

I saw a couple of protestors ... literally... that was it.  First,there was a "Pali" flag on a far corner (briefly)
DSC_3721 copy

And this young woman walking towards me (looking very tense) Her sign reads: "Pro-Palestine does NOT mean Anti-Semite"
DSC_3904 copy

What I took home from today's rally was the JOY. Joy on the faces of the beautiful children and the happy families.

NO ONE was bussed in, like the Latinos and Muslim mothers with young children. Those who dragged to the Muslim / Leftie Protests are look bored and confused. No one looked bored or confused TODAY!

Forward looking 20-somethings with many great signs held high for all to see;  STRONG and Proud.
DSC_3844 copy2


DSC_3855 copy

DSC_3857 copy

From Pamela Geller , " I urge you to Stand With Israel today, because if you don't, the devil will be at your doorstep tomorrow."


THREE slide shows

Part 1 a view from the stage area

Part 2- Out on the street

Part 3 On the sidewalks

THREE videos

Singing lead by Benny Elbaz and Ran Eliran

Speeches and chanting ( from Avi Posnick of Stand With Us)

AND Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs

The text of Geller's speech is included, just in case, as I had a low audio feed...
Stop Jihad against the Jewish State. (cheering)
My Fellow Human Beings, if rockets rained down on New York or Los Angeles or Chicago or Dallas, "What would we do?" (applause and cheers)
If our soldiers were being kidnapped and killed; if our children were being kidnapped at school bus stops and killed, "What would we do?"
Today Hamas announced they have manufactured a quarter of a million grenades to give to all children in Gaza. Instead of rocks they are going to throw grenades. "What would you do?"
Israel has the right to defend itself.
This is NOT about a Palestinian State, this is about destroying the State of Israel. (Cheers and whistles).
A price must be paid for the killing of women and children.
A price must be paid for the targeting of innocent civilians
In any war between the civilized man and the savage, you support the civilized man. You support Israel. Defeat Jihad. (cheers and horns)
In closing, I urge you to Stand With Israel today, because if you don't, the devil will be at your doorstep tomorrow. Am Yisrael Chai! (singing)
Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 7.32.53 PM