Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Parade NYC-Fifth Ave (pics & video) 2011

In the midst of a weary world, a little divertisment to hopefully put a smile on your face.

DSCN0755 copy

DSCN0669 copy

Lots of pictures from the Easter Parade 2011....

 DSCN0660 copy

Kids, Families,

DSCN0872 copy

 DSCN0850 copy

Young and old.

 DSCN0681 copy

From the sweet to the odd choice of Easter "dress"...

 DSCN0676 copy

& one very odd 'fellow' who didn't care to 'dress' at all (you'll know it when you see 'it' in the pictures)Don't want to spoil the surprise..

Here's some of the pictures and a little bit of Ella to sweeten the mix...

Love this group of dancers and musicians. Look forward to them every year....

Slideshow of all the pictures

That's New York at Easter! 2011

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