Monday, May 16, 2011

Fakestinians & Marxists Declare Third Intifada- Times Square (May 2011)

The deadly alliance of  Fakestinians and Hard-Core America-Israel-JEW-Hating Marxists paraded themselves from the UN to Times Square.

 DSCN1761 copy

They only filled one block (for a change) and considering they had promoted this as their NAKBA commemoration, it was pleasing to see their rally attendance was down.

DSCN1753 copy

Still, it was a sickening display of belligerent arrogance as they spewed their Lies and Hatred.

DSCN1691 copy

DSCN1760 copy

With a most unfortunate billboard in the back ground:

DSCN1709 copy

The video gives witness to how much bolder they've become. Now that the Fakestinians have friends in high places (aka the White House) the situation grows worse.

This is a flyer they handed out:

Genocidal anarchists and politicians have emboldened the People of Fakestine to declare a Third Intifada against the only Democracy in the Middle East, The Land of Israel, The Holy Land of the  Jews and Christians.

DSCN1710 copy

Marching Toward a Third Intifada...

DSCN1724 copy 

We say: Am Yisrael CHAI!

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Juniper in the Desert said...

Re: the photo of the flyer( with a future seventy-second virgin on it), they are now equating Free Speech with Jew and Israel hatred!!

They are really pure poison!! We had them too in UK, but the police made them stand in a side street!
More about it here: