Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SIOA/FDI : 911 Rally of Remembrance at Ground Zero

This is a short video and some pictures of the crowd that assembled peacefully at Ground Zero on September 11, 2010. The rallysite was thick with media. There was lots of coverage (or so we thought) And the crowd was even larger than the June 6th rally that SIOA also hosted. Over 12,000 Americans gathered to respectfully honor those murdered by Muslim terrorists 9 years ago.

I grabbed my Nikon P 80, even though it's not my video camera, to get some crowd shots during the last speaker(James Lafferty) The media was basically gone ... you can see that in the crowd shots.... so who knows what they bothered to take-in while they were there.

It would be great if this little video could to start the ball rolling as we counter the media black-out and LIES . The quality is not great but it still shows we were much larger than the ridiculous 2000 that the media is claiming. The THREE blocks that can be seen were jam-packed with people. From Park Place to Chambers. In the last frames you can see the buses on Chambers street. And the reports from our-side say that the side streets (which can't be seen were packed with people).

The police were giving wrong directions or NO directions to people trying to find Park Pace and Wets Broadway. And yet we STILL had 12, 000 people there. Thousands were lied to , turned away, shut out and actually told to go to the Lefties Hate-America rally. And the rally didn't even exist in the "reportage" fro the NY Slimes and the WSJ and the NY Post tried to say there were only 2000 people who came out for this meaningful Rally of Remembrance.

Slide show of the crowd (a few more pictures still to be posted)

Suggestion: Click through to Flickr and look at the crowd shots in their original size.

The Media tools LIED. They can't handle the truth that 12,000 Americans gathered peacefully and respectfully . The only hatred heard that day came from the Lefties gathered at City Hall.

Fight Back America. Post your pictures and your videos.You were there. DEMAND the media stop the LIES! TAKE BACK AMERICA!!

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