Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simon Deng and the 2010 Sudan Freedom Walk

On September 15, 2010, we went to the park by he UN to meet up with the honorable, Simon Deng and his Sudan Freedom Walk.


Day 1: They began their walk at about 2 PM @ Dag Hammarskjold Plaza crossing from 2nd avenue to 7th ave and then headed uptown.. .

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The two part video is of the very moving speeches before they began the Walk.

Part 1

Part 2

BTW: WHERE WAS THE MEDIA?? ....well...lookie seems CNN was there.

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Never saw their logo and there is a FUNNY typo...(Untied ) Nations!

New York (CNN) -- A former Sudanese slave began walking from New York to Washington on Wednesday to gain American support for a referendum in southern Sudan as a step toward peace in Darfur.

Simon Deng is walking alongside Abdel Gabar Adam, founder and president of the Darfur Human Rights Organization of the USA. The 250-mile walk, which began outside the Untied Nations, will take 22 days and will culminate with a rally at the Capitol on October 7.

Deng gave a rousing speech to the 50 or so activists gathered for the start of the march, calling on the "United-do-nothing-Nations" not to delay a January referendum that could allow the southern part of Sudan to separate from the Khartoum government.

When asked what he believes the result of a referendum would be he said, "These people waited through 60 years of enslavement, Islamization, and Arabization. The time has come for them to choose to go to hell or to go to heaven. I believe they will not choose to go back to enslavement. They will choose freedom."

Here's a slide-show of pictures ( there are a few more pictures still to post)

Schedule of the Walk For Freedom:

September 15 – Rally at United Nations, New York City
September 25 – Rally in Philadelphia
October 7 - Rally on Capitol Hill, Washington

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