Monday, September 6, 2010

Looking At Lefties as they support Ground Zero Mosque

45-47 Park Place was once up on a time, the Burlington Coat Factory...

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Until it was damaged by plane debris on 9-11 . Debris that shockingly, still remains lodged in the building...

“New York is the Capital of the world & this location close to 9/11 is iconic,” Imam Feisal

Now, it's the future home of Cordoba House (Park51) aka the Ground Zero Mosque....

And 24/7 the Ground Zero Mosque has been feeding the media beast with how nice their are and dropping more than a few snide inferences about "the other side" ....

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Are they compensating these protestors to stand , sit and basically camp out at the Park51 site, day and night? Don't any of them have regular jobs? Or. maybe, holding-signs in front of 46-47 is their current employment (compliments of ....)

Fact: The Left is the darling of the media. They (the Left) are so 'wise' and they can do-no-wrong.

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Leftards : Good ....

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But, ANYONE on the forbidden Right: BAD (as far as they are concerned)

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Just look at how wise and thoughtful these Young Leftards are.

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However,these Leftists (protestors OR media) never mean it when they tell you they respect you and that you have right to your opinion.

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They do not ARGUE or SHOUT at any of the opposition (US) , particularly if a camera is rolling).

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They are practiced at remaining calm and creating a situation where (eventually) someone inexperienced on our side, starts screaming at them. They will smile and smirk and respond perhaps, but the novice is the one yelling at the Leftard.

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Sometimes, they even wear costumes. This Lefty infiltrator counts on his garb as a priest to keep our side from noticing what his sign said.

His goal, a photo-op. It's that simple. With this message:

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But he was asked politely to leave once he was 'outed' and he politely left. That's our goal! No angry photo-ops....

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Another example. On May 25, 2010, at a Community Board 1, the media LOVED this guy (who appeared to be on our side). Unfortunately, he kept interrupting and shouting through-out the whole meeting. Was he really on-our-side. Another ruse, the Leftards send in plants.

The press couldn't get enough of him as well as this woman. This woman never stopped screaming. She was not helpful to our side. Since neither of these two people were familiar to those of us who are frequently on the scene ... you have to wonder.... Are they plants or inexperienced?

Either way, the press got what they yearned for: Nasty hate-mongers from the Right. And calm gentle-spoken Lefties who support the mosque. Chums!

The Leftists are polite, law-abiding citizens who come together to chant their slogans and march 'round and 'round in circles ... for hours.

Friends...chums...really nice bridge-builders (just ask the press)


They cause no problems, co-operate with the police, carry America flags and copies of the Us Constitution. Wow.

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But.... signs like these, mixed in with the crowd, are meant to inflame....


I witnessed two men from our side getting 'in to' it with their side. They came over, maybe just to look, but the Lefties are very skilled at getting a rise out the opposition (us) . they use their signs, under-the-breath cracks or overt aggression, whatever it takes to get someone to 'bite'.

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Then, they are calm, quiet and oh so NICE again


These two jerks yelled anti-VIETNAM cracks at two vets. Then they'd laugh and smirk....It almost worked (with one of them) but it was diffused fast by someone (not sure) The police or by his friend?

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Talking with these Leftists, as we all know, are discussions that go no where.

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Better to look and then walk away.

If you can help someone like this woman, to calm down and do just that, to walk away? Wonderful.

Give the press pictures of flags, flags and more flags!


Many 9-11 Family members, who will come together to remember their loved ones who were murdered that day by Muslim Terrorists

To honor their memories by saying, "NO to a Victory Mosque on Ground Zero"

September 11, 2010 at 3:00 PM

Ground zero bus

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