Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Anti-Trump Boycott outside NikeTown NYC

NYC. Dec 23, 2016 
For an hour, outside NikeTown, Christmas /Hanukkah shoppers were
harangued by the "multi fungi"  with "Not my President" and  "Don't Shop HATE"
While five stalwart patriots countered their obnoxious chants with "We LOVE
the President Elect"
and "USA. USA."
.... and of course "Make America great again"

Question:  "Who were these fools and tools?"protesting Trump, Nike and

Perhaps the shoppers told their children-in-tow "From Whence This Fungi
Comes. Grows. Propagates.

Found in our institutions of "higher learning". Our progressive
religious havens. Our media. check. check and double-check.
Sharing their concerns. Mind-f##king the passersby. Babbling on to anyone
who would listen about "Love not Hate". A real teaching moment.
The "Don't Shop Hate "Mission Statement:


No complaint re the NYPD. They work hard these days to accommodate both
sides. Don't make trouble and both can (sort of) mingle.
On the Left:

And on the Right,

The "Trump Won, YOU LOST" side included two passionate gentlemen-of-color. 
The police even enjoyed their diatribes , "You're all commies. We know who
you are" - u
p to a point-

Eventually the officers encouraged the one fellow to move along if he couldn't
mora tranquillo (stay calm)
Yeah, he was steamed but, in no way violent;  just- impassioned. But, they
wanted passion without suffering. "Go home. Please" So he did. Politely. While
the patriots hung in there...


Then there was the rationally dispassionate German couple who fixated on
"Build the Wall
", referencing the Soviet-built Berlin Wall that divided a country,
a city. "How'd that work out?" the German smugly asked the Patriot. Never
mentioning the horrible terrorist attack in Berlin just a few days before
(Dec 19, 2016)

Refusing to discuss the difference between a BORDERS wall, country to country,
vs the barbed-wire/cinder-block walling-off of a city (closing off - entombing
half a country) So NOT the same thing.

But, the German couple didn't care. He motor-mouthed his disdain - she laughed-
took pictures - then - MOVED on passed the Nike protest.
A hour later ... 8 pm and the Prog/Commie/Leftards gathered for a "group hug"
circle. The "Don't buy NIKE or GUCCI" / "Dump Trump" protest was over....
for now... Go Home!

As they departed,  two "Not my President" Trumpettes (below) did a "reach-out
and touch someone"
exchange with the opposition (the Patriots).
They approached quietly. Meekly. Shook hands. Made peace, saying, "We all
want the same thing, don't we?
" ... (ya think?)....
January 20, 2016 is almost here. Trump/Pence WON.  AMERICA voted to
STOP the Tyrannis ignorati.  BUT, they do not slumber. The ignorati will return;
desperate to reseed, nurturing unsuspecting fools. UNLESS someone -
President Trump
-  saves the next generation from this "fungus ignoratus".


Only Four years to undo decades of abuse and Make America Great
Again! Real Hope and Change awaits.


++ Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall++

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