Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter NYC - 2015 - Fifth Avenue - Pictures

I almost skipped the Easter "Parade" this year.
FYI- It's really a jam-packed promenade from 49 st. and St. Paddy's Cathedral to about 54th-55th st.
But, the sun was out...

...Pulling me toward Fifth Avenue...
Pulling me toward all the pretty hats.
(It's ALL about The Hats)

And Happy People

Happy Children

Happy Families (of all ages)
Happy Friends

Lots of friends

(Old and New-Found friends)

On the Avenue...

Fifth Avenue...


Easter 2015

In the midst of a world weary from terrorism, I am so very glad I hung-out for a couple of hours with so many Happy People.

Of course, all was not flowers and hats. This is NYC, after all. There was this one unfortunate fellow (with a sartorial 'egg' from Manhattan College)
He was sitting close by the marionette show.
And, thankfully, some OWS protestors who stood out side St. Patrick's were gone after about 30 minutes. It just wasn't the time or place for such a display.
This was much more fun. Their smiles, their joy, was perfect.
Please click through to Flickr for a few more pictures - here -

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