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Pro- Israel "Stop the Media-Lies" Rally -Columbus Circle- 8-7-14

August 7, 2014 Columbus Circle NYC.
pro israel cnn
"Support Israel Against Biased Media"
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It may not have been as big a gathering as the  July 28th Rally at UN Plaza---that was HUGE---but this was confident rally with a purpose.
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Support Israel!!
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The crowd was  full of a quiet but intense energy...asking....begging for peace.
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A peace that HAMAS has no intention of honoring.
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The Hamas goal does not change.
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It's purpose is to wipe Israel OFF the map.
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The Media has no intention of reporting the TRUTH.  We must challenge  and EXPOSE the Media LIES
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Hamas is  supported not exposed by the media.
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I wasn't able to stay long but the difference between the two rallies, the anti- Israel and the pro-Israel, is apparent to the eye and ear. The PEACEFUL, joyful  singing is always a hallmark of pro-Israel rallies and protests.
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The anti-Israel Leftists and muslims scream, chant and pump angry hateful fists in the air, demanding DEATH to Israel.
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THE TRUTH jumps out for all to see yet they, the media, turn away.
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There was one cheeky protestor this day ( that I saw). She walked confidently passed me to the enclosed area  surrounded by police barricades.
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She sat down Buddha-style and held her 'peace sign' for about 15 minutes.  

" We are Humans. End the Fighting"... But, no mention of Hamas....just a Peace Symbol...
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Police said she could stay. She held nothing  that said she was opposing Israel. I asked some officers, could I do the same at a pro-Hamas /anti-Israel protest? Go in their enclosure with a coy little sign and sit down? Knowing that I would not care to be physically assaulted, the response to me, says it all, "Would you want to?"

[VIDEO has more of the interloper starting at 00:32]

In NO danger from the pro-Israeli gathering she 'meditated' unmolested until she became a topic of as a 'protestor'.... she left.
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(too many 'negative vibes?)
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"Who REALLY wants PEACE". Who Really wants to End the Fighting?
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Too bad she wasn't willing to ask.Too bad the Media isn't interested either.
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Slideshow of a few more pictures

And the Beat Goes On. More gatherings.  Needed to spread the TRUTH. To Support Israel & the Minorities Under Islamic Rule. If you can: BE There!

August 17, 2014 - Union Square- NYC - 4-7 PM

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