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al quds “day of rage” and LIES – nyc ( 2014) pics & vids

al quds "day of rage" and LIES - 2014- Times Square - nyc

The media war between Israel and Hamas was on full display on this annual 'day of rage'

(Please scroll down for the 7 videos and 2 slide shows which will show more)


al quds day creates many photo ops for a hungry media. Signs and fists held high for the cameras. And LIES ....  Hamas and its media allies never worry about their credibility. Only Israel must maintain its credibility.

DSC_4220 copy

DSC_4188 copy

TRUTH is the New Hate Speech
DSC_4074 copy

ANGRY FISTS jabbed in unison - 'nazi' fashion in protest-  'rage' against Israel
vid fist copy
 free free pali/from the river to sea /intifada chants cry for Death to Israel.  They do not chant nor jab these fists for peace and love.
fist salute vid 10  copy

Briefly, re the al quds  "day of rage" (and lies)

It was 33 years ago on 16th August 1979, on the first ramadan , after the victory of the islamic revolution. (imam) Khomeini inaugurated al quds day  as a day for solidarity with the oppressed in the world.... in particular the oppressed of Palestine.... a day for the weak and oppressed to confront the "arrogant powers" ...  al quds day ---a day-of-rage and LIES

I saw my first shia flag this year at the NYC al quds "day of rage" (and LIES)
DSC_4394 copy
Thanks to D.P and A.B. I got a translation:
 "Yā Qamar Banee Hāshim"
This means "O (full) moon of the Hashim Clan"
This is an honorary title of Abbas, the son of Alī
ISRAEL MUST DEFEND itself in this war between the CIVILIZED man and the SAVAGE
israel-620x217 crop
Bombs. Jihad. Terrorism.
Jihad  is a Death Machine
israel-620x217 crop 2
The propagandist and the thug work in tandem to destroy Israel.
sign vid 4
al quds day claims to support the oppressed in the world (in particular the fakestinians)
oppressed vid 14 copy
"Oppression"  "Israel is an apartheid State"  What about Jihad?
anon sign vid 15
a " dance of joy" ?
 DSC_4365 copy
Lies. photo-ops.
DSC_4152 copy
Take a closer look... at the hair ribbon well-placed. 
The fake baby held by a fake 'child' photo-op?
DSC_4152 copy2
They are consistent. Israel is EVIL.
DSC_4352 copy
Israel murders children.
DSC_4330 copy
The U.S. is EVIL
sign vid 16

JIHAD is the way. The "peaceful" struggle. The fakestinians claim the Holy Land is Muslim.

Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"  No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.

Israel flag flies 1 copy
But, for the Holy Land to belong to Islam, that requires the destruction of the Jewish people and their history
sign vid 12
Never was there a muslim country called palestine. Never had a king, a president or a culture . The Temple Mount is NOT muslim. It is NOT al aqsa...
banner march vid copy
Birds fly over the golden gate walls as the sunrises over the old city of jerusalem 
Tell a LIE often enough....there are those who swear the State of Israel is an apartheid state and it must be eliminated.
LIES  from the hard-core Leftist Jews (Socialists and Marxists)
DSC_4366 copy
The Anonymous Anarchists
vid sign 13copy
'Comrade" Ramsey Clark from the International Action Center (man of the people) spoke to the crowd...and took the subway home afterwards...
Ramsey Clark subway 2 copy
A Battle for the "EYE and the Heart" lies NOT in Mein Kampf, Das Kapital OR the Quran. We must challenge the Narrative.
vid sign6
This stalwart fellow met the challenge when he waved the Israeli flag at the protestors.
DSC_4100 copy
A young man walked through the crowd in an Israeli t-shirt
israel vid 8
One guy attempted to challenge an obnoxious 'palestinian' on 42nd street just before the march moved eastward  on the sidewalk. The Israeli supporter...
pro israel supporter vid
vs the obnoxious 'pali' supporter...
gaza guy yell 1
Challenge the Lies.

DSC_4164 copy
Speak out when offended. The Neteuri Karta is always on hand to confuse (and offend)
vid sign 17
Saw a guy walking his DOG in the al quds protest march (it wasn't a service dog). Did this not offend the muzzies? Guess not...but the Israeli flag did, for sure
dog vid 15
Saw a guy dragging the Israeli flag along the street with his foot. (see videos for more)
DSC_4309 copy
BTW- I saw this on-line. This was the fellow who used the Israeli flag to polish his shoes (and then threw it on the street.)
walk on flag.Still002


Thanks to AFDI  (American Freedom Defense Initiative) these truthful ads will be soon be on NYC streets -- Columbus Circle----

C O M I N G    T O   N E W   Y O R K   C I T Y
Urban panel IJH

Urban PAnel2 IJH

Urban panel IJH 3

"Israel is NOT a Racist State!"  Stop the Hate.

israel-620x217 crop 2

Israel and the Free World must prevail. Or be erased forever by the Sword....


Videos - play list - has 7 short videos


  TWO SLIDE SHOWS of pictures
Part 1

Part 2 (screen grabs from my videos)


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