Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anti- War Leftists March in Veterans Day Parade 2010 ( & 2007)

Point of Information here: Some things don't change. 

Like... permitting anti-War Leftists to disrespect our enlisted men and women by marching in the Annual Veterans Day Parade. (As well as new participants we didn't expect to see in a "Death Car" )  

Why aren't they told to  march in their own parade?

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The parade requires those who wish to walk to submit profiles that say they will not be political. 

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Looking at the signs and street theatre coffins from 2007  (this isn't political?)

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And 20010, we noticed the addition of a VERY POLITICAL  black 'Death Car".

death car 3 copyright

They yelled something in Arabic...smiling...

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Makes us wonder... IVAW, Granny "Peace " Brigade , Code Pinkos: What's Up, America? 

This is like having Democrats join a Republican have Muslims join a synagogue helping  the Franken-Monster become a Senator with all those hidden ballots (that popped-up in trunks and closets.) 

Even though the Reviewing Stand ignored these Seditionists, our familes had to suffer through "Troops Home Now. Troops Home Now".  


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Wonder if we'd be permitted to march in protest in a Anti-War or pro-"Pali" parade. Most assuredly the police etc etc (even the Mayor) would boom-forth with a resounding "NO Dice!"

Some bridges go only one-way and this bridge isn't looking so good....

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Video and pictures of our Troops and Families will be posted next.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

Wasnt that the New Black Panthers? For Peace????