Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stop Obama-Care! (Columbus Circle-NYC) pictures & short video

Citizens came out to Columbus Circle in Manhattan to say No to Obama-Care one more time before Harry Reid sneaks it to a vote on a Saturday night.

IMG_0228 copy

 still from video

2010 and 2012 we can make a real CHANGE at the ballot-box.

IMG_0226 copy

still from video

Make sure your Senators know we are mad as hell and NOT going to take it anymore!

IMG_0220 copy

Posted the short video at You Tube also:


Josephine said...

Thank you all for your efforts. Although we made a great rally, we need more citizens to get involved in this very serious issue. Our health care is at RISK. Many thanks for sharing your photos.


Dr Colantonio said...

Dear Red Squirrel,

Thank you for the photos. We reached thousands of people with our message that we need insurance reform, not healthcare reform.

We informed thousands of people that the Bill as it stands is dangerous for the public and means higher taxes and less care. Hospitals will close and you will not be able to see your doctor for weeks and months. More importantly, we will all be injured by Obamacare and some of us (older than 70) will be dead.

Don't listen to the politicians, they are corrupt. WE the people should be in charge.

See you at the next rally.


Dr. Colantonio