Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ads for Islam is the way on Manhattan Pedicabs...

Ever since we first caught this on the streets of mid-town Manhattan (and had only a cellphone to grab a quick-pic before it rode up 8th Avenue)....

2_0001 edit

We've been wondering: WHY did that sign seem to disappear? Was there a complaint?

No idea....but...some pedicabs were posting regular ads on the back(some of them)and then this made an appearance the other day(is it an "ad"?)

DSCN9331 edit

Innocent? No Big Deal? Would you want to ride around in a pedicab with this advertisement on the back??

DSCN9319 edit

Think we could have one with a Crucifix and one with a Star of David? Fairness in advertising maybe? Yeah...right...


1 comment:

Christopher Logan said...

If Christians were advertising their religion on the pedicabs, Muslims would be screaming about it.
Thanks for bringing this to light.