Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video- Radical Islamist Views Catching Up With Obama

VSB...we just had to post this...more on-the-street adventures from the Brigade starting up tomorrow...meanwhile... from Pipelines News:

In contrast to the LA Times video story, scant attention has been paid to Obama's connection to radical Islamist Ali Abunimah and pro-Palestinian apologist Edward Said who both were present at the Khalidi event.

Below a video statement by Abunimah detailing Obama's support of the Palestinians and his opposition to, "the Israeli occupation."

To read entire article at Pipelines News go here>>

These pictures speak loudly about Obama and friends, "...The connection of Barack Obama to Edward Said and Ali Abunimah are numerous and damning, they serve as further proof of his close ties to enemies of the West and his now failing attempts to hide them."

Edward Said...what a guy....
and that ain't a baseball he's throwing...

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Deirdre said...

Does Hannity have these?

There's been some debate, introduced by me, on whether Obama has had his jaw surgically "shaved." The picture here leaves no doubt of plastics.

Great work,red squirrel!