Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leftists swarm NY Hyatt . A feeding frenzy of the living dead...

The Anti-McCain Leftist swarmed in front of the NY Hyatt during a McCain fundraiser.In typical anti-American fashion they refused to co-operate with the police standing and marching wherever they chose. The Squirrel Brigade caught some of the action. The cruel mocking of Senator McCain's war injuries was typical of the 'sensitive' Leftists and the street theatre was of course appealing to the dimwitted media...

New footage at the end of Part 2 as Patriots ruin photo op for Code Pinkos....





Our Patriots stand up for McCain as the clown parade continues....


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FYI: This was the Leftards Alert Call to their fellow insurgents:

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Challenge McCain's Lies and Smears when he comes thru NYC on Tuesday, by wearing Pinocchio noses and doing a "Lie-In."

People with Pinocchio noses are beginning to hound McCain & Palin all across the country. Come be part of it.

Everything you need to participate in this fun, visually powerful, and right-message-for-right-now protest, is available at


Jenn Dixon said...

That's funny, because I would call liberal politics more akin to Pinocchio since liberals will say anything to try to get their way.

Joe Sixpack American said...

If the libs think things would be so bad with Republicans in office, why don't they just leave for Canada like they "threaten" to do?

How sad is it that they are so morally and mentally bankrupt that they find it acceptable to mock a war hero.

Don't Tread on Me said...

The leftards finally dress up in their proper attire- wearing pinnochio noses! It fits who they are, and who they support.

I thank you all for speaking out and putting yourself out there on the line for the rest of us who can't be there in NYC with you! Keep on making noise- we are listening!!