Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"We Were Strangers Once,Too" - immigration smart art - Times Square

Feb 14 thru March 5th, 2017 - Duffy Sq (46th and Bdwy)- NYC - Valentines Day. Peace. Love. Never waste a moment to preach to the masses: "We Were Strangers Once, too"(Barack Obama)


Just what I would expect from  these public-funded committees that seem to only approve ODD ART projects.


A curiosity - that may never make sense -  Of course


de rigueur (a must


Since I was on my way to "I am a Muslim, too", no time to ponder, wander nor wade through those poles; to READ and decipher this IMMIGRANT installation. (Not high on my bucket list)


The installation designed by The Office for Creative Research beat out several others to be the winner of this year's Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition.


The exhibit is about 10 feet high and features 33 poles inscribed and colored to represent the different places where some of the foreign-born NYC residents came from. As visitors move around the sculpture, they get a different perspective. Once they arrive at the designated spot, a heart is revealed.

Perhaps "We Were Strangers Once, Too" was meant to ask HOW racist TRUMP could HATE Immigrants!


Next stop, 48th street and "I Am a Muslim,Too", Part Deux

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