Thursday, November 24, 2016

Update - More from "Support Our New President Donald J. Trump" Rally - NYC"

UPDATE- Part 2 concludes "We The People Support our New President Donald J. Trump" . This was a rally call-to-action for a diverse group of Americans to celebrate and show appreciation and support for our new President, Donald J. Trump on - Nov. 20, 2016 - Lots of press, for a change. (Wonder if they published anything)

Next, an "8 short videos" playlist (first three were in original post) A few clips are excerpted statements made to the press and other moments from the rally, like a statement from from Rabbi Nachman Caller (seen in video clip 6).

Later- Jim, with his "Boo the Cast" poster, went by "Hamilton" at the Richard Rodgers Theatre . His sign was knocked from his hands by a disgruntled employee.

Diane's  group went by even later- posting this twitter vid. Apparently the audience was as nasty as the theatre employees. (are we surprised?) xx

Inside/Outside the NEW Trump Tower "White House" slide show - before the "Support Our New President Trump" Rally began. Take a look-see at how things keep changing at Trump Tower.

Saw three scanners now at both entrances
Next a short slide show of the new "White House" ..... inside and out..... (click picture to access slideshow)

And a "Support Our New President Trump" Rally slideshow (click picture to access slideshow)

So, now that Trump will not prosecute Hillary  . What's next? Will Trump dump more of his platform promises? Confusion .... anticipation .... as we watch and wait from all sides, a theory from Dr. Corsi- "Trump insider: Hillary still could face prosecution : Nothing Trump nor Conway said ruled out investigations"[Dr. Jerome Corsi] ....  time will tell....


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